A goals-worthy squad of Gu girls tripping around Canggu, Bali, frozen margarita in one hand, iPhone in the other, snapping our daily Gu adventures.

When we're not busily rove reporting about cars tipped off the Canggu shortcut, we are enjoying gold leaf facials at Goldust, testing just how cold the Bintangs are at Old Man's or having ATM wars with one very aggressive white goose.. and so is life in the Gu!

New to Canggu? Let us help you find the cushiest villa, locate a dreamy sunset spot, or where to grab a new Gu wardrobe to fit in with the hip crowd at Crate. We got you.

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Lani is an ex-Real Estate agent who has discovered that life does indeed exist beyond the borders of Sydney's Northern Beaches. (inside joke)
After spending a decade contorting her poor toes into squished mutant shapes, she decided she would kick off her heels in search of any job that had her walking the streets barefoot.
Fast forward four years and she has her feet firmly planted on the ground in Canggu.

She now finds herself somewhat of a crazy cat lady, with tiny orphans crossing her path more often than her little heart can bare. Lani, her famous Bengal tiger-leopard-cat, her bazillion fur foster babies and her one Indonesian Bae are living happily ever after in Pererenan - where she spends her AMs scooting around to live report on everything that's going down in the Gu, and her PMs sharing it all to Gu Guide - shaking kittens off her arms as she types.

This is a girl of balance.
Balancing beers with box fit classes, stress with surf sessions, margaritas with mindfulness,
cakes with kundalini yoga.. And so is life in Canggu.

It was hard work that had her earn her title as GUru of the GU - she's road-tested every pussy accupressure & steaming treatment known to Canggu, she's tasted every cocktail, she's crashed a segway riding through the rice fields.. Nothing is sacred or secret to miss Lani.

Keep up with the Cangg-ashians, with the help of this lady in the know.

Got something Guey for our GG gossip girl?
Send to [email protected] XOXO
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Blog contributor
Don't expect too much yoga and vegan raw cakes from this saucy Swede.. Joey is our dirty blonde, our good time gal, lover of a sexy cocktail in the hippest Canggu hotspots.

When she's not island-hopping with her hunky Aussie surfer boy, you'll find J designing and producing for their own clothing label (#canggustereotypes) no but really.. living that good Gu life.

She's probably been here the longest out of all the Gu girls, and so has done her research. She knows whats HOT vs what's really NOT and isn't afraid to dish all her (dirty) Joey secrets..

This babelicious insider will be taking you guys on a wild ride around Canggu, with some juicy food reviews and coverage of Canggu's best events. The Gu party girl has landed.
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Blog contributor
Hayles is our Aussie surfer babe. You'll no doubt see her ripping it up out in the waves or cruising around the Gu with her man. This salty gal is living the dream; chasing the Aussie summer while spending at least six months a year in bali.

She has the biggest heart for surfing, and all things salt. Hayles is the biggest frother and you'll love sharing the line up with her. She LOVES it if there's another friendly chickie babe out in the water up for a giggle!

Since her first trip to Bali in 2009, she has become a Gu surfer girl, or as we like to call her our gurfer! Her chilled out attitude will have you wanting to make this lil chicka your new go to surf girl.

Hayles and her surfer babe boy (from Medewi) spends all their hours getting salty and sunkissed under the palmy shorelines.

As well as getting funky and checking in at all the hotspots, this Aussie babe has loads of local insights and surfy secrets that she is more than happy to share with you all!
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Laura & Hayley

Blog contributors
Hey – we are Laura & Hayley!

We’re best gal pals who recently coerced one another to quit our full-time corporate lives for a sea change. We’ve been in the Gu for here months and like most who make the jump here, we haven’t looked back.

Apart from being robbed, falling off a scooters in to cow poo and nursing 3 days hangovers, we finally feel like we’ve got our shit together! We’ve mastered getting across Gang Mango and the Canggu Shortcut, avoided a drop in on the Pretty Poison skate bowl, drunk and head first (can’t say we have avoided Sand Bar at 4AM – yes, we’ve seen you there too) and we’ve now got iron stomachs after a few bouts of Bali belly so we can finally eat what we’ve never dared to before.
Yes, the salty life is treating us just fine.

We came here like many others to manufacture some clothing (don’t worry, it’s not swimwear) yet we’ve been distracted by eating and drinking our way through the smorgasbord of warungs, bungkus, cafes and fine dining establishments.

You can find us helping out on the Gu Guide, bringing you our Melbourne perspective of eating, drinking, dining, shopping, sunsetting, gymming, tanning and laundrying all over Canggu .
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