About Ayu

Ayu's parents come from opposite sides of the globe: her mum is Finnish, which explains her fondness of vodka and Formula 1, while her dad is Balinese which is why you just might spot her in traditional Balinese clothes carrying a basket on top of her head. (or making offerings for hours on end down at Pantai Batu Bolong with her squad of Ibu's) When Ayu is not glued to her phone like a proper 21st century kid or blogging about the quirks of being half Balinese, she visits her hometown of Ubud where her family owns a hotel. Indeed, our little Ayu is sometimes called the Paris Hilton of Ubud, by nobody at all. Ever (maybe Lani). Follow the adventures of this GU girl as she learns to live with her Western upbringing and Balinese heritage in this tropical paradise.


Pools in Canggu No Gu holiday is complete without a visit to a few of the most picturesque and Insta-friendly pools in the Gu. And so we have done the legwork for you: road-testing the best pools for day visits – in Canggu and beyond! Finn’s Beach Club Beach club glam done in the Canggu […]


Hey Canggu, your girl Ayu here, bringing you a fun guide to riding motorbikes in Bali. Hati-Hati ya.. So you’ve landed in Bali, settled in your villa and are ready to explore all that’s new, hip and happening in Canggu. You’re going to want some wheels.. The best way to get around & about is naturally by motorbike […]