About Joey

Don't expect too much yoga and vegan raw cakes from this saucy Swede.. Joey is our dirty blonde, our good time gal, lover of a sexy cocktail in the hippest Canggu hotspots. When she's not island-hopping with her hunky Aussie surfer boy, you'll find J designing and producing for their own clothing label (#canggustereotypes) no but really.. living that good Gu life. She's probably been here the longest out of all the Gu girls, and so has done her research. She knows whats HOT vs what's really NOT and isn't afraid to dish all her (dirty) Joey secrets.. This babelicious insider will be taking you guys on a wild ride around Canggu, with some juicy food reviews and coverage of Canggu's best events. The Gu party girl has landed.


Been hitting the parties in Canggu? Feeling like you’ve had enough Bintangs to fill up the skateboard bowl at Pretty Poison? Happy hour at Old Mans left you feeling blue and sour the morning after? Deus Sunday session turned into sunrise booty shakes at Sandbar? Tried to adult at Salumeria and somehow ended up table top […]


The last day of this year is here and with that; the biggest bash of the year! We only have a couple of hours to do all those things you will resolve not to do in the New Year – so let’s do it in style. Let’s give ourselves something to really resolution over, by discovering the […]