About Nicole

Hailing from the sun kissed beaches of Western Australia and growing up a fisherman’s daughter, Nic can’t reaaaally claim to be in the Gu for a sea change. She followed her heart to Bali and resides here for love. And cocktails. But mostly love (and cocktails). A marine scientist by day and makeup artist by night, Nic is our go to girl for all things beauty. You will probably spot her getting pampered in a spa somewhere throughout the Gu because, well, maintenance. If it can be plucked, waxed, dyed or painted - Nic has sacrificed herself for your looks. An ocean lover by profession and nature - Nic spends the rest of her time down the beach trying to learn from her boyfriend what a goofie footer is and dreaming about spearfishing some Mahi-mahi. Having owned and run her own restaurant in a past life, our girl is no slouch about keeping up to date with the very best spots to eat and drink. While healthy is her choice in public - Nic is a walking bible for all things sweet and heavenly. Ever heard of a makeup artist who’s most prized possession are her squid jigs? Well now you have. Say hello to Nic :)


Evening sweeties.. wrapped up dinner in Canggu and looking to hit that sweet spot? #nevertoofullfordessert. Fun fact: a dessert stomach is legitimately a thing. Scientifically proven. The sugar in sweet foods stimulates a reflex that expands your stomach – a wondrous dessert-space saving miracle really-  but any excuse’ll do! Indulge that sweet tooth with our go-to […]