Cocktails in the Gu go together like rum and coke, which is why we’re excited to present you this months feature article by Sheila from Bali Interiors: Bars in Canggu.

Do you prefer a breezy beach bar and gently swaying coconut trees? Do you want a grungy industrial atmosphere and a skate bowl to go with your ice cold Bintang? Are you into specialty cocktails in a sophisticated setting? We have collab-ed with Bali Interiors once more to bring you a lustworthy list of  Bars in Canggu..

Salumeria Tanah Barak

Salumeria Tanah Barak has brought a new dimension to Canggu. It has become a turning point from beachy surfy town to one of refinement and sophistication.

The interiors are beautifully done with a royal blue sofa that hugs the entire resto/bar. The wire base stools correlate with the wire light pendants and also creates a great contrast against the stark white tiled bar. The wooden table tops and the sand colour sofa chairs are in perfect harmony with the Melbourne Beach photographs that dress the walls. The little touches such as the fabric napkins with Salmueria printed on them and the mother of pearl cutlery immediately elevates this Campari Bar. The outside long concrete bar tables overlooking the rice paddies set a gorgeous scene of the perfect paradise Bali can be. The oysters, prawns, cheese and salami platters are the best in Bali. How lucky are we to have this slice of Italian paradise right here in the Gu!?

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One Eyed Jack

A Japanse Izakaya and sake bar has opened its doors in Canggu. The intriguing door on the outside only increases my curiosity. I can’t wait to see the inside! When the door opens I’m not disappointed. The interiors are very cool modern Japanese. The large room hosts a bar on the left and tables in the middle and on the right. The right side of the room is furnished with long leather sofas against the wall. The large charcoal coloured wall only décor is three large gold paintings of carp. The middle of the room subtle lightning is composed by rattan pendants of different size and shapes adding an old Asian touch to this otherwise modern space. The bar is minimal and austere with only few decorations on the backdrop. You can really see this place really come alive at dinner time and later for drinks, transforming the space from serious to a hell of a lot of fun!

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Pretty Poison

Simply done but perfectly executed, Pretty Poison is a one of a kind bar and we are lucky it is right here in the Gu. With a skate bowl that takes almost the whole of the outside area, it becomes the main attraction when skate competitions are held. The exterior is bare with concrete flooring and a single Palm Tree creating a great contrast with the blue sky and the rice paddies that surrounds it. The furniture is composed by recycled metal barrels, giving the bar an industrial grungy vibe. In the interior the 70’s California vibe comes through with an entire wall dedicated to 70’s Playboy covers. The huge purple velvet sofa that sits in the middle of the inside area creates unity between the industrial elements, the 70’s vibe and the 90’s grunge. With its limited bar menu and cheap drinks, Pretty Poison is definitely for the younger crowd or for the old kids that don’t want to grow up!


Old Man’s

Old Man’s changed Canggu forever. And has become so well known that Batu Bolong Beach it’s often called Old Man’s Beach. Beautiful blue murals dressed the walls and have become Instagram favourites. The large joglo style allows plenty of space and the skylight at the top is a clever way to let some light into it. The furniture is colourful and beachy. The tables have individual designs and differ in colour and size. There are high tables, sofas, bean bags and benches. It’s all beautifully coordinated in colour and style. Old Man’s popularity is due to it’s location, food and drink quality consistency but mostly because it caters for everyone. You can take the kids for early dinner (they have high chairs and kids menu) and you can later on come for a dance or watch a live band. It’s a popular place where you are guaranteed everyone will have a great time.

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Lacalita Bar y Cocina

A Mexican inspired bar and restaurant, Lacalita brings without a doubt the best Mexican food and drinks the island has yet seen. The bar takes centre stage sitting in the middle of the inside section and the ceiling is decorated with large flower bombs. The walls are painted in degrade bright fuchsia (my favourite colour) and are decorated with lots of trinkets and Mexican day of the death dioramas. A torero costume hangs from one of the walls. The furniture is custom made in Java. The colourful chairs create a really cool summery ambiance and the sliding wooden doors act as a great backdrop for them. La Calita is consistently fun, colourful and tasty and the tunes match the enjoyable atmosphere.

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Black Shores

Black shores its the kind of bar that becomes your local and it ends up becoming an important part of your time in Bali. This bar will create many fond memories and you would look back with nostalgia and a cheeky smile of the great times you share with your friends in Canggu.

The bar is simple but the glass lights at the top of it and and large light on the dance-floor all correlate and are simply stunning. The space is a semi covered large terrace with many comfy small living areas with inviting wooden couches, wooden stools and gorgeous leather couches. A long high table runs along the edge overlooking Batu Bolong, with high stools to sit on. But don’t worry, there is plenty of space for a dance! With lots of live bands and special DJ nights this place gets pumping and sitting down will be the last thing on your mind.

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These are just a few of the interior pearls plucked from a sea of gems in the Gu bar scene. Whatever style you prefer, Canggu is full of beautiful interior details so time to get snapping!

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