The last day of this year is here and with that; the biggest bash of the year! We only have a couple of hours to do all those things you will resolve not to do in the New Year – so let’s do it in style. Let’s give ourselves something to really resolution over, by discovering the Top Ten cocktails in Canggu!

I have put together a quick hack-list to help you bar hop like a boss and find the most luscious libations slay your thirst in the Gu this NYE. Wrap you lips around one (or all!) of Canggu’s most divine fire-waters and welcome the year with a flare! I can’t promise that they’ll help you find that midnight party pash, but what I can promise is that you’ll be too consumed by their deliciousness to even care.

Happy New Years Gu crew.. here’s do dancing out the old, drinking in the New!




Always, Anytime @ Watercress Cafe

Jl. Batu Belig No. 21, Batu Belig, Canggu


We had to start of with our go-to cocktail bar at Watercress cafe, literally “always, anytime” and their signature Always Anytime cocktail that seems to agree with our sentiment. The cocktails at Watercress aren’t margarita this and martini that. Nope, they are craft cocktails cooked up by the gourmet genius behind the Watercress institution. Pair your seafood platter with something cool, crisp and refreshing. Cheers to that!

The Always, Anytime Pineapple vodka, lemon and topped with smoky almonds! It is so refreshing, cool and sexy, you wish you could drink it out of the tap. This tall drink is definitely one of the flirtiest-fresh cocktails I’ve met and like the name suggests, I really wouldn’t mind having it always, anytime and let’s be real, it shouldn’t be any other way!


Wild Rosella @ Finn’s Beach Club

Jl. Pantai Berawa, Berawa, Canggu


Recently our fave Bali Beach Club quite literally “levelled up” with the opening of their suave rooftop lounge. The addition of this sexy new sunset spot came with a seductive new drink list. Meet the Wild Rosella. All the flavours of sunset in a glass; its a smooth vanilla infused vodka and passion fruit puree, shaken with vanilla syrup and topped with a passion fruit foam.

You know where you’ll find us at midnight tonight!


Dirty Martini @ Salumeria

Jl. Tanah Barak 47, Echo Beach, Canggu


Hooch worthy of 007! The Salumeria Dirty Martini is a slightly more grown-up drink that both chills you down on a hot day and turns the temperature up on the inside – Bond style! Do you take yours shaken or stirred?

Salumeria really is a Gentleman’s bar with a view to kill. This classic Dirty Martini is mixed with all my favourite kinds of dirty – the dry vermouth and drunken olives – this bad boy makes me want to shake my trunk in a not-so-secret agent kinda way.


Sangria @ La Finca

Jl. Subak Sari No. 77, Berawa, Canggu


Grab some friends and grab a carafe of this sexy Spanish – she’s definitely for sharing. A sangria with a powerful triple sec & brandy punch, she’s not like the other sangria senoritas you’ve met before – you’ve been warned!

Served red, white or sparkling and chilled with tipsy fruit, it’s a cocktail that will get you salsa dancing in no time!


Espresso Martini @ Montagu Bar

Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong, Batu Bolong, Canggu


Just when you thought you knew the Espresso Martini, Montagu Bar on Batu Bolong have gone and splashed you in the face with their caffeine-fueled, Patron-laced creation. That’s right, becuase vodka is for pu**ys. If you’re going to Espresso Martini – do it right.

This nipping brew will perk you up, erase any traces of the New Years Eve-eve hangover, and frankly make you question why anyone would ever order a regular coffee, like ever!

Where is Montagu’s Bar you ask? Brand-spanking new, it’s above the Montagu’s Sandwich bar, half way along the busy Batu Bolong strip. Grab a cocktail and enjoy prime-people-watching positioning. Obsessed.


Old Fashioned @ Black Shores Supper Club

Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong, Batu Bolong, Canggu


Black Shores is where gentlemen come to swizzle their drinks, in an old-fashioned-kinda-fashion. A classic dapper dudes cocktail, the Old Fasioned is made by muddling  sugar with bitters, then adding your choice of, Bourbon, Rum, Tequila, Vodka, Gin or Scotch (yes! there’s an entire Old Fasioned menu!) and a twist of citrus rind. It will put hair on your chest and fire in in your breath, and have you as sharp as Don Draper in no time.


Coco Sexo @ Ji Restaurant

Jl Batu Bolong, Batu Bolong Beach, Canggu


O.M.GU! The Coco Sexo at Ji Restaurant rooftop is pure sex in a cup. She is an island local, a show stopper and a full on party smoker!

Presented in a Tiki cup inside a coconut that breathes fumes; Coco Sexo attracts all the attention from everyone around! She is like the mature liquid Passion fruit, Coconut & Vanilla, Queen bee of all deliciousness with that extra ginger stinger-TO DIE FOR! She lives where time has stood still, like in an Asian fairy tale from the past, and we never want to leave!


Lacalita Margarita @ Lacalita

Jl. Batu Bolong No. 68, Batu Bolong, Canggu


This spicy house signature Margarita is not for the weak hearted! She is a real hot Mexican, dressed up in loco star-fruit juice and month-long jalapeno infused tequila. Wowsa!

All I can say is that this saucy mamacita definitely has some attitude -she will awaken your senses; spice you up and take you on an adventure worthy El Diablo himself. Aribaaaa aribaa!


Watermelon Gin Fizz @ GypsyBali

Jl. Munduk Catu No 1, Echo Beach, Canggu


My favourite kind of yang to my (g)yin is the Watermelon Gin Fizz; freshly squeezed watermelon with top quality gin made with love, is the best tropical alcy-hydrator around.

A delish symphony that sings it’s way straight to my heart, this gypsy is my kind of girl – starting her happy hour(s) early – yep! 4-6pm every damn day. Come here, and double up on drinks for the price of one, let the games be-GIN!


Dark Seas Triacle @ Deus Temple of Enthusiasm

Jalan Batu Mejan No. 8, Batu Bolong, Canggu


Drinking regular ice cubes made from water wouldn’t be very hipster now would it? Don’t worry Gu crew, Deus Temple has got you.

Deus is all about cruisey customs, so why would their drinks be any different? Order the custom-made Dark Seas Triacle – a dark muscly handsome rum drink surrounding a tropical coconut ice ball. Taste the drink customise as the sweet coconut water melts and mellows out the shot of booze. This  big wig would make any hipsters hips stir.. Vrr-vrr-vrooom!

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