If you’ve been in Canggu longer than it takes to froth some milk you’ll notice that there’s more coffee shops and cafés than good looking European’s clogging the surf. And if you’re anything like us (not being able to function before a caffeine hit), and your morning coffee routine was thrown out of whack once you arrived in the Gu, we bring to you: The Melbourne girls’ guide to coffee in Canggu.

But first, a quick disclaimer – We don’t actually know the first thing about rating a coffee or it’s beans but we are Melbourne enough to know what is brown dishwater and what isn’t. 


The Melbourne Girls’ Guide to Coffee in Canggu:

“The People Pleaser”-  Milk and Madu

Jl. Pantai Berawa No. 52, Berawa, Canggu

Milk and Madu is always buzzing so if you’re looking for a moment of solitude, this aint the place! You can expect to see lots of familiar faces of the Gu, digital nomads, families and a cracking Melbourne style breakfast menu. The latte was en-pointe and made even sweeter with the pairing of a cheeky bite sized biscuit. You can always rely on a solid caffeine fix here. Given it was before 9am, we didn’t try the latte with ice-cream for milk, so we will be back to indulge on a cheat day.

“The Quiet Achiever” Savage Kitchen

Canggu Plaza, Jl. Canggu Club, Berawa

If you want to hear the voices in your head, make your way to Savage for a quiet, perfect, creamy latte without a side of hipster. With a generous serving size sans the attitude, bask in the morning sun on the deck with your cute yellow cup. The short and sweet breakfast menu will free up your brain power for more of the important tasks in your life. Easy.

“Cheap and Cheerful” – Bumbak Coffee

Jl. Bumbak No. 170, Umalas

If you’re willing to risk your life getting over Gang Mango during morning peak hour, Bumbak is worth a quick stop while on the go. We love the coffee here, it’s the most humble cup of joe with the shortest wait time we’ve found. No frills attached.

“Vegan’s Paradise” – Peloton Supershop

Jl. Pantai Berawa No.46, Berawa

Get your iPhone at the ready and Instagram loaded up, because you’ll be sure to find a “likeable” latte here. Peloton offers a great working space too if you’re a budding swimwear designer or freelance model. We had a latte with milk” straight from the teat of a young coconut... And whilst not our cup of latte, vegan’s can all rejoice together with an extensive list of “milks” to boot.

“Southside” (South of the Yarra) – Quince Bali

Jl. Pantai Berawa No. 51, Berawa

It doesn’t get more South Yarra than this. Granted, the owner of this often overlooked gem did have a café in Melbourne’s Malvern before returning to Bali. Come for the latte, stay for the polenta pancakes whilst you peruse the handmade linen and crockery at the adjacent homewares store. We also recommend the ice coffee, its creamy, fluffy and indulgent without the added calories.

“Northside” (North of the Yarra) – Ruko Cafe

Jl. Pantai Berawa No. 99, Berawa

Check out our live feed from Ruko on the Gu Guide Facebook page. Whilst we certainly didn’t break the internet like the deconstructed coffee that popped up in Fitzroy a few months back, we can assure you it’s got the same hipster vibe. Served up on a wooden board in an array of random vessels, mix up your coffee concoction. With coffee fast becoming a fine science in the Gu, this iced latte is a “cool” 10 because you make it to your liking. 

“The Bondi Hipster” – Crate Cafe

Jl. Batu Bolong, Canggu

We’ve all seen the keyboard warriors donate their 2 cents to the travesty that is a rice field turned carpark saga (on a side note, had a Macca’s actually been on the cards, we wouldn’t have minded that much. Our late night McSpicy fix would have become a whole lot easier than travelling into Kuta!). Alas, the people watchers can now enjoy their latte with a side of carpark from the tables of Crate whilst eavesdropping on what went down at Sandbar last night. We dig the size of this quality cup, the wait for the table is worth it.

“The Yummy Mummy” – Sprout Cafe

Jl. Raya Semat No. 18a, Berawa

Dropped off the little one’s at the Garden ELC? Head to mummy mecca Sprout after for your mid-morning latte. Feeling flustered? Try their Black Russian, I mean, Single Origin Cold Drip for a refreshing caffeine fix. We enjoyed the latte here but regretted not indulging in the most perfect looking croissant with jam. 

“The Fitness Fanatic” – Avocado Cafe

Jl. Batu Bolong No. 69B, Canggu

must try and the OG, the Tumeric latte at Avocado certainly wins gold in its field. It’s creamy 5 spice flavour remind us of a chai without forgoing your coffee hit. The Matcha latte, whilst not mucha to our taste, will satisfy those garden gangstas. The “normal” latte suited us just fine.

“The Underdog” – Nude Cafe

Jl. Pantai Berawa, Berawa

As regulars of Nude we’ve never been disappointed in the quality of the coffee, even on a day when the barista was M.I.A. We can put this down to their recently refined bean roasting timeAnd Ayu can vouch for this having attended a coffee sampling session at Nude a few weeks back. We love the laid back vibe, uber friendly staff and the soundtrack that accompanies your coffee. Don’t be surprised if you see a crazy Irish man whacking pancakes against a wall, because his batter wasn’t perfect. Kudo’s to these guys for listening to their customers and trying to improve. We hope to see some chocolate dust on our cappuccinos next visit.

 “Incognito Coffee”– 4Quarters Cafe

Jl. Discovery, Gang Beji No.3, Berawa

Tucked away4Quarters is the perfect place to spend a day stalking the hotties of the Gu on Facebook whilst you “work”. It’s the perfect hideout if you’re avoiding awkward encounters after your drunken escapades at Deus, or come to enjoy a quiet and modest latte without the foot traffic. At a glance, the menu boasts some pretty enticing breakies, so you might catch us “working” from there sometime soon.

“Shortcut Scene to be seen” – Marakuja Cafe

Jl. Subak Ambengan (shortcut road), Canggu

We could sit here for hours waiting for the next hero to dive head first in to the rice paddy and we’d happily indulge in as many coffee’s as it took to see it. They’re great here. Sadly, we had to move on before the paddies claimed another unsuspecting victim. We also tried to hunt down the elusive $15 iced/soy/frappacino/whatever but to no avail. In fact, considering the view, the menu is quite reasonably priced. We will be back to hit the bakery, that’s for sure.  

We have risked our heart function and our bowels (TMI?) to bring you this feature and we hope it assists you in finding your morning solace. 

About Laura and Hayley

Hey – we are Hayley and Laura! We’re best gal pals who recently coerced one another to quit our full-time corporate lives for a sea change. We’ve been in the Gu for here months and like most who make the jump here, we haven’t looked back. Apart from being robbed, falling off a scooters in to cow poo and nursing 3 days hangovers, we finally feel like we’ve got our shit together! We’ve mastered getting across Gang Mango and the Canggu Shortcut, avoided a drop in on the Pretty Poison skate bowl, drunk and head first (can’t say we have avoided Sand Bar at 4AM – yes, we’ve seen you there too) and we’ve now got iron stomachs after a few bouts of Bali belly so we can finally eat what we’ve never dared to before. Yes, the salty life is treating us just fine. We came here like many others to manufacture some clothing (don’t worry, it’s not swimwear) yet we’ve been distracted by eating and drinking our way through the smorgasbord of warungs, bungkus, cafes and fine dining establishments. You can find us helping out on the Gu Guide, bringing you our Melbourne perspective of eating, drinking, dining, shopping, sunsetting, gymming, tanning and laundrying all over Canggu .