Been hitting the parties in Canggu? Feeling like you’ve had enough Bintangs to fill up the skateboard bowl at Pretty Poison? Happy hour at Old Mans left you feeling blue and sour the morning after? Deus Sunday session turned into sunrise booty shakes at Sandbar? Tried to adult at Salumeria and somehow ended up table top dancing at Lacalita ONE TEQUILA TWO TEQUILA THREE TEQUILA FLOOR?

Ohhh how I feel you.

When your nightly hang turns into a morning hung-over-board.. when you feel like you have gargled a dead possum and need a quick fix.. or you’re basically just hangry.. don’t worry! I am here to hold your hair back and help you babes.. I promise my Canggu hangover hacks will possibly.. probably.. SAVE.YOUR.LIFE!!

In my professional-party-princess opinion (yes that’s my official Gu Guide title), the best way to cure a hangover is to be under the age of 24. If you’re anything like me (by that I mean not 18 anymore).. let’s talk hair-of-the-dog.. let’s chat wine flu home remedies (and by THAT i mean these places all home deliver YASSS GoJek!).. let’s do this..




“The Madu” @ Milk & Madu

Jl Pantai Berawa No. 52, Berawa, Canggu

food in canggu

This is one of those places where anything on the menu is amazing. But O-M-GU ‘the Madu’ will change your life for the better. Not only does it taste sensational it looks super foxy on the plate; perfect poached perky eggs with caramelized onion, bacon and that sassy hollandaise sauce draping all over. Mmmmadu! Perfect to pig out on any day! (and those skillet eggs tho!).

Insiders tip: Try the Coco Granita for an instant hydration- it’s like the good twin to those evil mojitos you smashed last night.


“Le Croissant” @ Watercress Cafe

 Jl Batu Belig No. 21a, Batu Belig, Canggu

food in canggu

This good-looking monsieur has stolen my heart for reals. He is usually offered all-vegetarian-like with melted cheddar & tomato, but I custom dress him in succulent ham and suddenly its like he’s taken straight from my naughty French dreams – that delicate warm buttery bun body.. Crushing much? Mais oui!

I pair our me(eat)ings with a slightly more sophisticated drink than the ones I can’t even remember downing last night – the kinda-ironic “Pina Colada” Kombucha tea tastes amazing, cures everything and comes in a massive chilled wine glass, just the way I like it!


Cuban Pork Sandwich @ El Jefe Jose Cubanos

Jl Batu Bolong (The Junction), Batu Bolong, Canggu

food in canggu

If you didn’t already wet your beak in one of these last night on your way home, feast on one of these the day after.

This hot Cuban is all kinds of awesome! Trust me, few things will do a better job of soaking up whatever you had to drink. The Cubanos comes blessed with ham, smoked pork, pickles and loads of cheese –something for every post-refreshment-syndrome craving! Oh man, about that spicy sauce! It definitely has that right face slap that will wake you up, wash all your sorrows away and leave you felling much better.


Pulled pork eggs Benedict @ RUKO cafe

Jl Pantai Berawa No. 99, Berawa, Canggu

food in canggu

There is not anything here that isn’t bang-up amazing, but I do have to admit having drizzling dreams about the pulled pork eggs benedict. I mean, seriously just the name makes me drool. And it’s not just all meat and sauce – this king of Benedicts rules wearing a crown made out of watercress and sliced apple.

So good paired up with a wheatgrass shot packed with vitamin C or a massive chilled smoothie, that will bring you back from the hurt locker and have you leaving feeling like a queen. Possibly the healthiest cure on our line up.. return from your trip to struggle street without the greasy blow out.

Mexicana Breakfast Wrap @ Betelnut Cafe

Jl Batu Bolong No. 60, Batu Bolong, Canggu

food in canggu

Nothing heals quite like the Mexicana wrap. This wrap is stuffed with scrumptious scrambled eggs together with – hold your horses – melted cheese, baked beans, crispy bacon and saucy chilli sauce! YUUMMM! Oh, and if you are one of the happy hour hunters among us – get it as the set 2, any wrap with any smoothie for $7.50, save those rupiahs for a return to OMs tonight #AMIRIGHT!?!

I would combine this chow-down with the Berryripe or the Coco smoothie! It’s like sipping on sunshine.


“La Baracca” calzone @ La Baracca

Jl. Tanah Barak, Echo Beach, Canggu

food in canggu

Obviously we are big fans of any kind of cheese-carb combo – especially after a long sinful night – and any pizza at La Baracca would tick all of our favourite carb binge boxes. But there is something extra comforting about the La Baracca Calzone. Mamma mia! This house favourite turned-over pizza is oozing mozzarella AND ricotta cheese, baked with the pepperiest of pepperoni, and totes worth the following post-food coma. Have a bae lined up for tummy rubs.. promise you its worth it.

Living in Bali but very much a true Italian; proud, macho, cheesy and always classy – just how I like it. Don’t let the bargain price tag fool you, this is not one of those greasy cheap “out of the can” pizzas, this is the high-class gourmet signore of pizzas.


Spicy Fries @ Redsalt Cafe

Jl Munduk Kedungu No. 29, Pererenan, Canggu

food in canggu

Tell me anything that potatoes can’t cure? That’s right you can’t.

Especially when sliced-up, deep-fried and paired with chilli spices and that all-awesomely aioli, you can’t fail.

We don’t even feel bad about snacking down on these carbs. Really tho, who can resist? Not me! Go on and stuff your face with these spunky spuds and wash it down with a “refresh” frappe, and together they will right all of last nights wrong. Promise.


Jumbo Nachos @ Finns Beach Club

Jl Pantai Berawa (Beachfront), Berawa, Canggu

food in canggu

The best part of waking up late and feeling like the dogs breakfast is that you can carry on doing naughty things like eating nachos for breakfast and feel mucho bueno about it. Meh.

These mouthwatering nachos are a true work of art and come fully-loaded, making my life – yet again – a fiesta! But make sure to bring a friend, as this portion of happiness is massive!! (Or don’t! And you will have the whole plate for yourself, lucky you!). Make sure to come hungry, as this dreamy beach club will make you want to eat the view as well. After feeding, let the beachfront pool help you to really cure your body, mind, corazón and soul; overlooking- read perving on- the surfers catching waves in front. ARRIBAA ARRIBAABYY!

Cali cheeseburger @ Smash n Dash

Jl Subak Sari, Berawa, Canggu

food in canggu

Americaaa- heck yeaahh! There is a new American in town and he is both messy and majestic. This handsome Californian beef burger is loaded with everything you need to put that day-after-hunger-beast away, and making you feel like a human again. Accompany your superhero burger meal with two true sidekicks; chunky cheesy jungle fries and a dreamy caramel milkshake! A true-life-saving combo! And just like the name suggests we are not ashamed to admit that we go here to simply smash down our hearts content of beef, cheese and toppings. GROUND ROUND BLISS ALL AROUND!



Bloody Marys @ Lacalita

Jl Batu Bolong No. 68, Batu Bolong, Canggu

food in canggu

” I don’t need another drink” – Said NOT me last night.

If you are one those people to believe the best way to cure a hangover is with more alcohol – we take off our party hats and salute you! – and give you the ultimate Bloody Mary at Lacalita. This saucy Mexican has just the right stingy attitude, is fresh, spicy and a bloody catch. She will wake that body up in no time and possibly be one of the reasons you might shortly after return to shake your booty at one of last nights crime scenes – Come on, Old mans, Black shores and Deus are pretty much just around the corner!

The best thing about these Bloody Marys is that they come in pairs on Sundays; when you get 2 for 1…all day long- Talk about HAPPY DAYS!


How you feeling? Much better we’ll bet. But wait, there’s more! Yep we’ve got a bonus round for those of you who simply couldn’t stomach any or all of the above. We’ve all been there. For when the hangover is THAT bad.. we bring you..


The Dose IV therapy


Sometimes drowning your life in grease just won’t cut it. Sometimes you have an actual life to live and can’t waste a day being all Netflix & vom. No need to stay dusty.. Dial a Dose IV Therapy treatment, YEP! home delivered.

Sit for a forty minute IV session and receive instant rehydration, powerful pain killers, anti nausea meds, and you’ll feel good as new in no time.

Check out THE DOSE on Gu Guide..


Now that you’ve been nursed back to life, are you ready to hit the parties in Canggu for just one more round?

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