Ever heard of Bonito? Neither had we, until our first trip to Alu Smoke & Kitchen – and its been a love affair ever since. Closely related to tuna and mackeral, Bonito is a sustainably caught fish local to Indonesia and expertly handled at the Alu Smoke & Kitchen. Slow smoked for 16 hours, the result is a soft, flaky, melt-in-your-mouth dark meat fish with a deep smoky flavour. YUM!

The Alu Smoke & Kitchen signature seared Bonito is dished up alongside a killer menu of saucy sambal shrimp, barbecue octopus, and seared squid, all served with warm, welcoming local Indonesian hospitality. You might have seen their enthusiastic door staff flag you down as you whizzed along Jl Tegal Sari on your scooter, but had not yet managed to stop. If the smokey barbecue aromas billowing out of the kitchen don’t entice you, perhaps this might.. a major drawcard for Canggu travellers  is the knowing that the Alu Smoke & kitchen doesn’t have a fridge. The reason? Their commitment to bringing diners only fresh, not frozen seafood – sourced locally each and every day. Say goodbye to any of your fish fears, and say hello to the safe and seriously delicious fare at Alu Canggu.

Though their evening service is the main attraction, Alu Smoke & Kitchen also dish up some seriously lunch-friendly faves, like their famous Bonito toasted panini – think a tuna melt, Bali-style. Their Balinese tuna poke bowl is a spicy twist on a trending island classic, cooked with a local sambal flavour, and served with a base of rice. Shrimp lovers will be mad for the Alu Smokehouse garlic butter shrimp platter, their popular shrimp sambal matah, or their flavourful shrimp bisque. These dishes sound familiar? Seminyak foodies might recognise them from the Alu Smoke & Kitchen sister restaurant Sambal Shrimp – a local Seminyak institution.

If fresh caught seafood doesn’t float your boat, there’s a list of salads, garlic butter edamame and Nasi Goreng to make sure that nobody goes hungry. So gather the crew, and cosy up to comfy table at Alu Smokehouse, for a special local experience tasting the true flavour of Bali’s bountiful island produce. Selamat makan!

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