Secret to the best Bali selfie? Lashes babe! Now beautiful lashes are literally only a blink away. Ashari Co Bali are Canggu’s first at-home lash service, meaning you can have a nap on your couch, your bed, your sun lounge if you please – and wake up with the fleekiest of fresh lashes!

Get that #iwokeuplikethis gorgeous-ness going, with a custom set of mink lashes lovingly styled by a skilled Ashari technician. Choose from a natural-looking flirty set, right up to a knock-out 3D set – whatever your mood – they’ve the lashes to suit.

The best bit? Ashari Co Bali offer lash subscription services, meaning you never have to have a bad lash day again.

People are always going to stare – may aswell make it worth their while! 😉


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