Greetings from Canggu aka. the promised land of vegan bacon, gluten-free beetroot steaks, chicken-free fried chicken, and possibly the only place in the world where you run a risk of OD-ing on macrobiotic superfoods. We love you Gu.. but where’s a girl gotta go for some REAL food? The answer is Avenue A. With a modern nostalgic Americana menu and craft cocktails & beers, Avenue A Bali is the new gastro-pub in Berawa that is catering to our every comfort food craving.

The hoods hippest new spot for dinner, drinks and debauchery; Avenue A Bali throws down some hard rock n roll vibes. Open from 5pm until the last patrons make their merry way home, the kitchen closes at midnight but the bar kicks on until the wee hours for darts, pool, drinking game Jenga, and lawless good times. Psst! Make sure you’re in among the last ones, as we’ve heard wild things about these late nights at AA.

Drawing inspiration from the actual Avenue A in NYC, the kitchen here is all about lower Manhattan bar & BBQ food, in a mouthwatering throwback to any trip you’ve ever made to the big city. Think soft pretzels warmed on the charcoal grill, spicy fried chicken, Slow Roasted Beef Po’ Boy, loaded fries, mac n cheese and the best damn Beef Wagyu Brisket we’ve tasted.. anywhere.. ever, served with chips slaw pickles & house made BBQ sauce. Drool. Wash it all down with an “adult” Bourbon caramel milkshake and you’ve got yourself one of the most delicious nights out on the island.

In case you’ve already made dinner plans elsewhere (BTW.. Big mistake. CANCEL THEM! And order the AA double patty beef burger with extra bacon), make sure you drop by for drinks later on. With an Aussie Sav Blanc going at local-kinda prices, an epic selection of import beers (Duvel and Erdinger Weissbier.. YASS!) and craft cocktails to suit everybody’s choice of poison, this is a watering hole with our Gu Guide seal of approval stamped all over the joint.

Avenue A has already won a place in our hearts. It’s a little more rock ’n’ roll than we’re used to in the Gu, but in this town of health-crazed vegan cafes, there’s plenty of room for an edgy go-to for those cheat day cravings, right Gu crew?

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12.00pm - Midnight


12.00pm - Midnight


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12.00pm - Midnight


12.00pm - Midnight


12.00pm - Midnight

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