Don’t get us wrong, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Sistine Chapel are sights we’d happily tick off our bucket list – but let’s be frank here, wining and dining our way through Italy is our REAL motivation to visit the iconic boot-shaped peninsula. But if you haven’t got a cool 15.2mil rupiah kicking around in your bum bag, A. you’re not alone and B. you’re in luck, pals.

From the same gourmet geniuses that brought us Seminyak’s Zibiru Italian restaurant and our faves Bottega Italiana Berawa & Bottega Italiana Batu Bolong, Bacaro Pizza has set up shop in the Berawa hood – satisfying each and every one of our pizza & pasta dreams. Molto Bene!

An art form in its own right, the key to great Italian cuisine is love, care and quality ingredients. Using the exact same recipe as they do in Naples where the OG pizza originated – the pizzaioli (that’s a professional pizza maker btw) at Bacaro have got this pizza pie thing NAILED fam.

Now we’re no strangers to a slice (or eight). Not to be cheesy, but this crust is hand-on-heart one of the best we’ve had in the Gu. What’s the secret? The dough is left to raise for 24-hours Naples style before being blasted at 400 degrees in a woodfired pizza oven. It’s light as a feather, it melts in your mouth and isn’t even the slightest bit doughy. A classic Margarita Napoli is a fail-safe choice. Pair with a bottle of Pipoli Rosato rosé and call it a day! In our opinion, a balanced diet is a slice of pizza in each hand. Amirite?!

Pizza isn’t the only thing mastered on the menu here.. A dining concept imported fresh from Venice, Bacaro bring you the timeless pastime of bàcari, an after-work tradition spent enjoying a combination of cicchetti (small bites of food) and ombra de vin (‘shadows’ of wine). The word bàcaro is said to come from several sources: “Bacco”, the god of wine, “far bàcara”, a Venetian expression for “celebrate,” and “baccano” which means mess/party/noise. Sounds like our kinda evening.

Wine in hand and your girl gang in tow, this is the spot to be. PSST: score 50% off all tapas from 5-7pm daily. You’re welcome babes.

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