Bali Buda has a long standing reputation as being the mecca for all things health & wellness. This you know.. but were you aware that they have a little sister store in Munggu, catering to the Pererenan to Tanah Lot crowd?

Meet Bali Buda Munggu, a conveniently located market for everything organic, fresh, raw or cultured that you could imagine to support you in living a health conscious life in the Gu. Stop in for a coconut cappuccino & slice of superfood cake, grab a basket and fill your world with wellness.

We love their nuts, pulses & dried fruits in handy serve-yourself dispensers opening into brown paper bags. Take as little or as much as you like, it’s billed by weight to make sure your stores always remain fresh.

Once you’ve earned yourself ‘regular’ status with a list of your favourites memorised, take them up on the handy home delivery service. We do and couldn’t live without it.

(Pssst! they also deliver Balian water by the bottle so no heavy lifting!!)

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Home Delivery