Bali Buda is the biggest name in wellness on the Island, and the new Bali Buda Canggu is the biggest health HQ to hit our hood. Set over two levels, and packed wall-to-wall with organic fresh produce, pantry provisions, housemade sauces, dips & nut butters, health supplements, natural body products and much more – grab a basket and fill your world with wellness.

Bali Buda Canggu offers nuts, pulses & dried fruits in handy serve-yourself dispensers opening into brown paper bags. Take as little or as much as you like, it’s billed by weight to make sure your stores always remain fresh. Grab a bag (or ten) of Bali Buda branded biscuits, sweet potato chips, breadsticks, coconut crackers and level up your daily snack habits. Head over to the fridge to find your fresh nut milks, bottled coconut water, kombuchas, kefirs and cultured foods. Bali Buda have also just released their own range of all natural aromatherapy infused hair & body products, so now you can be shining with health from the inside and out!

Once you’ve earned yourself ‘regular’ status with a list of your favourites memorised, take them up on the handy home delivery service. We do and couldn’t live without it. (Pssst! they also deliver Balian water by the bottle so no heavy lifting!!)

Upstairs you’ll find a breezy cafe space dishing up their signature health conscious menu. Bring your laptop and tap into their strong wifi (co-workers welcome!), while you dig into a delcious salad, hearty vegetarian lasagna, or one of their Indonesian specialty dishes. YUM! Wash it all down with a fresh-pressed organic juice or smoothie, and you’re fired up for a power-packed day in the Gu, naturally. Hot tip: an almond milk iced coffee and chocolate superfood cake makes the perfect mid afternoon pick-me-up.. you’re welcome Gu crew!

Real Food, by real people, with a focus on sustainability and fair trade..Whether its incense sticks, raw chocolate, fresh organic fruits & vegetables, or all-of-the-above that brings you to Bali Buda Canggu.. you’re mind & your body will thank you.


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