Who’s up for a burger and a shake?! Shimmy your way on down to Bang Bang Burgers on Jalan Batu Mejan, one of our favourite eat streets.

While we are all for healthy bowls and green juice, a girl can only eat so many leaves. And sometimes (or every 28 days), a girl finds herself a little iron-deficient, with carnivorous cravings that only the biggest and juiciest burger can satisfy. As a girl gang whose cravings are not always synchronized, we’ve been around the burger block, hunting for the perfect patty.

But, more often than not, copping a decent burger in the Gu can cost you a pretty penny. And then BANG! Bang Bang Burgers pops up. To say we fell hard would be an understatement.

Sink your teeth into quality Australian beef without putting a dent in your wallet. And speaking of rupiahs, did we mention that the wine here is 450k a bottle?! No lies, gorge New Zealand rosés and Sauv Blancs and French Bourdeaux’s cheaper than your local Cocomart!

And while yes, the typical bevy to accompany a burg is a cold beer or frothy shake (vanilla, please!), that doesn’t mean you can’t class it up with a healthy glass of wine (or two). Yes, we want to sip on imported vino while burger grease and condiments drip down our hands. #adulting

The brain behind Bang Bang is French chef Clement Fouquere. With over 15 years of experience working in European Michelin star restaurants, he brought his culinary skills to Indonesia and opened up Nusa Lembongan’s first and only French restaurant, Indiana Kenanga. Dad by day and chef by night, Clement was looking for a new, fun project when the idea of Bang Bang came to him. He wanted to do something cool, casual, and freakin’ delicious.

Both the menu and the décor at Bang Bang give us all American diner vibes. Slide into a comfy banquet or take in the rice paddy scenery out the back window. It wouldn’t be the Gu without some neon signage. The glowing Mona Lisa, mural, and painted angels with shotguns will have you questioning if you’ve just been transported to the Louvre. But the best part of Bang Bang is the floors. We die over the burger tiles and are mentally installing them in our kitchens right now.

The illuminated signboard lists off your burg options. The Gu girls unanimously awarded the Original Bang Bang as top dog, but the melt-your-melt pork belly came in a close second. For our veggie and pescatarian friends out there, you’ll be able to get in on the goodness, too. The tempura mushroom veggie burger has us not even missing the meat. All burgs come dressed to the nines. Special shoutout to the real MVP, the Bang Bang sauce, Clement’s take on Thousand Island.

Mums, don’t leave your bubs behind. The kiddy burger and fries will keep your babe happy while you polish off that bottle of wine.

BangBang is certainly worth a (that time of the) month(ly) visit, if not more. Reclaim your sanity and refuel with a burger and fine wine.

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12.00pm - 10.30pm

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