The Banh Mi bun is a humble street side Vietnamese sandwich – turned international sandwich sensation, and Banh Mi & Beans is where the Canggu devotees flock to get their fix.

For those of you not so familiar with the traditional Banh Mi, here’s the perfect place to get acquainted. Dishing up the most authentic Banh Mi you’ll find outside of Vietnam, Banh Mi & Beans have perfected an airy French baguette with a thin crunchy crust, and stuffed it with sliced bbq pork, a rich liver pâté, and a beautiful balance of the sweet and piquant of pickled vegetable, the heat of chilies, and the pungency of fresh cilantro leaves. You’ll never get bored working your way through their menu of five Banh Mi variants, including vegetarian for the Canggu hipsters among us ;).

This pumping little snack shack also serves up some seriously delish Vietnamese fare, like vermicelli stuffed summer rolls, fresh AF noodles and our current obsession: Vietnamese coffee. Pop in for a cool down in your lunch break and get to know the traditional way of drinking coffee in Vietnam – the cà phê đá – which is coffee brewed with a small metal Vietnamese drip filter, and served with ice & sweetened condensed milk. You haven’t lived until you’ve enjoyed a Banh Mi with an icy cà phê đá. Game changer on a steamy Bali day.

While on the topic of coffee, if you’re living that coffee-fueled #digitalnomadlife Banh Mi & Beans also makes a great spot for a sneaky work sesh, with air con, free WIFI for all guests, and of course.. that epic brain food menu.

Craving your Banh Mi & Beans fix but can’t get in today? Don’t sweat it, because they can come to you! Dial a Banh Mi to your door, with their speedy delivery service (or find them on Go-JEK, til late in the PM every night). Banh Mi in bed? Don’t mind if i do!



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