Unless you’ve been stuck beneath a beach towel for the last five years you’ve probably noticed the ever-evolving trend for “Burgers and…” It might as well be its own comedy segment on Jimmy Fallon. Burgers and… craft beer! Burgers and… big blockbusters! Burgers and… bare knuckle break-dancing! But just when we thought there weren’t any other ways possible to reinvent the wheel, Canggu tugged at our stomach-strings and reminded us there was absolutely no limit to culinary creativity (and apparently, one’s daily caloric intake).

You may be familiar with Jl. Tanah Barak’s The Avocado Factory, which turns into BB52 burger bar at night. These guys have a reputation for the best vegan patties in the ‘Gu, which is no easy feat to accomplish (nor is trying them all, trust us). But real estate on the other side of the shorty just got a boost ‘cos now Berawa has its own BB52. The theme? Burgers and… GIN! Yep. But not just any gin. We’re talking ultra-distilled, house-infused, botanical-abundant BB52 gin, fit for some of the best negronis you’ve ever sipped.

If you think a burger is easy to whack together and this ain’t no big deal, then #sorrynotsorry but you’re sorely mistaken. BB52 take the art of burger construction very seriously. So seriously, in fact, they have developed their own recipe for the bun betwixt which your burger bathes. These are not “just another burger” type burgers. The patties have been made with top notch ingredients and these guys have worked hard to refined the virtue of keeping their patties (both the vegan and carnivorous) the perfect balance of not too mooshy and not too arid.

There are a gluten-free buns and burgs on offer, too. Essentially, anyone on any diet can find themselves something to munch on at Berawa’s BB52. We were fans of the ‘Skinny Bitch’, the closest the venue has to a keto-style burg – sans the bun and with a juicy grass-fed Aussie wagyu pattie snug inside a piece of lettuce. For the friends of those Aussie cattle, there are three vegan options – ‘shroom, miso eggplant and the #basicnotbasic quinoa patty. We also can confirm, the vegan cheese at BB52 actually melts.

Just as the burgers aren’t mucking around, nor is the gin. The drinks menu focuses on spirit forward classic cocktails with the option for each to be enjoyed using the house barrel-aged gin. This sophisticated liquid delight gives off a woodier flavour than its standard counterpart and is earmarked for the, you know… cultured among us. If you‘re down with the gin jazz, you’ll be thrilled to know the barrel is white oak, so smoky and dusty notes hit the lips as well. (Oo. Look at us go!)

For those who absolutely must burger and… beer, there is craft beer on the menu as well as a house brewed kombutcha (burgers and… ‘butcha?) which can most definitely be served with a shot of house distilled or any of the alternative premium import gin on offer.

But despite all this serious foodie and drinkie talk, BB52’s sense of humour is wholly intact. You’ll find witty little Easter eggs all over the menus and in the décor. The general vibe of the place is fun. It’s pink neon lights and graffiti stricken tin barrel tables remind us of a Williamsburg warehouse.

Sweet mother of juniper, how have we missed the fries. Or perhaps, more correctly typed: THE FRIES! Jess first described the truffle parmesan frenchies to us as “crack” (actual verbatim) to which we replied: “that’s cute but they’re just fries, babe”. All we can say now is someone please send us to rehab.

For anyone who likes their sides as loaded as their fries there are plenty of accompaniments to choose from too. Mac ‘n’ cheese (vegan and predatory), a rainbow salad, chilli con carne (‘bout a 7 on the spice-scale so watch your eyeballs) and of course plain and simple, yet lovable, shoestrings.

BB52 has made zero mistakes in our burger books. The patties are bliss. The buns are clouds. And the gin is not Gordans. It’s a great place to start the night, and in the same breath, probably somewhere we’d like never to have to leave. Anyone for a bitta’ Burgers and… banter?

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