Now, we love a salad bar and are all about the probiotics, superfoods and healthy choices, on most days at least, but there are times when a girl just needs a burger, right fam? We all know those days when lettuce and sunflower seeds just don’t cut it, and we contemplate clearing the nearest Indomart of their entire chocolate stock and ordering everything off GO-JEK. Days when comfort food trumps your beach bod goals. Whether you’re hungover, PMSing, bulking, dating a burger enthusiast or just hungry – BB52 Burgers is the answer, trust us on this!

We know you vegans are scrolling on right about now, but stay with us as we have some plant-based news for you! This new #burgerporn hub may do the juiciest pulled chicken burger on the block, and the signature BB52 has hamburgled our hearts (bun intended), but the vegan options still managed to steal the limelight in this round.

The Basic not Basic has a quinoa patty that honest-to-god beats any beef burger in our opinion, while the flavour of the miso-glazed eggplant El Jappo was out of this world. Of the three vegan options our definite favourite was The Mushie – a mushroom patty with vegan brie, roast mushrooms, rucola, smoked bbq sauce and vegan mayo. Fifty shades of YUM!

Speaking of yum – do NOT skip the vegan Mac N Cheese, whatever you do! Creamy, cheesy, gooey goodness, with every single cruelty-free bite. If that hasn’t tickled your vegan pickle (what kind of monster are you?) may we recommend the parmesan chips – served with a vegan truffle sauce so delicious it had us doubting the veracity of the vegan label. It may sound a little too good to be true, but rest assured, the vegan truffle sauce is the real deal. Skip the parmesan sprinkled on top of the chips and go to town, vegans – DM us your thanks later.

Burgers and beers go together like, well, burgers and beers, but to mix things up a little, why not pair your vegan meal with a craft G&T? Our recommendation is to go with the Umi – house-infused gin, a slice of lime, sprig of rosemary, topped with tonic. Ten more please? The menu also has combo recommendations, so you know you won’t go wrong pairing a stark IPA with your Mushie burger.

The Avocado Factory by day, Burgers ’n’ Beers 52 after 5pm… This little hotspot houses some of our favourite eats and is located about as centrally as you can get. Make sure you don’t miss their 2-for-1 happy hour on all signature cocktails from 4pm until 8pm!

See you there, Gu crew!

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