While our lives in the ‘Gu are pretty darn #blessed, the thing about the weather is that it doesn’t really accommodate for covering stuff up. Got a hickey you’d rather not parade at brunch? Good luck trying to find a scarf. Forgot to shave your pits but told the crew you’d be at the beach an hour ago? Better hope no one brings a Frisbee. Got a tattoo of a devil horned sunflower that fails to match anything about you ten years later? Guess you could borrow someone’s skin coloured zinc.

What if there was a place – close-by and judgement-free – where you could permanently erase these problems? Guess what, there is.

After much anticipation, Canggu FINALLY has its own laser tattoo and hair removal clinic, sitting snug on Jl. Padang Lingjong. The name is CleanSlate and the game is self-confidence. The ultimate solution for ridding that which you can no longer (be bothered to) hide.

Okay, so, yeah… you’re on your own if Dirty Wednesdays left your neck a little less than clean, but when it comes to dissolving tattoos and keeping your beach-bod less bearded – Cleanslate is your place of worship. From the second you open the door, your new life as a blank canvas is awaits. The place looks clean, smells clean and you can bet your soon-to-be hairless ass, it IS clean!

Let’s start with the hair removal. CleanSlate houses the very latest in hair removal technology, the likes of which you mightn’t have even heard of before. The technology is called SHR (which stands for Super Hair Removal) and is, essentially, a low heat IPL machine. But this doesn’t mean it works any less effectively. By utilising a low heat, SHR IPL decreases the amount of heat absorbed by the skin so treatment can work on tanned or darker skin, and unlike traditional IPL, the technology is also ideal for lighter and white hair. The best part? The procedure is sting-free. No more elastic band endurance; think: a warm cup of coffee. Whoever said “beauty is pain,” obviously got their Brazillian lasered at the wrong clinic. Depending on how far you’d like to take your reduced-hair aesthetic, there are packages to cover all the usual areas of concern for both men and women.

Now, on to tattoo removal. We’ve all done a thing or five we’d rather not reflect on every day. Laser tattoo removal, first invented in the 1960s, was quite possibly our humiliated Creator’s greatest gift to human civilisation. Fast forward to 2019, and Canggu has finally been endowed a similar sense of relief. CleanSlate didn’t skimp out at the laser shop, because not only is their IPL equipment en-pointe but so is their tattoo removal apparatus. The clinic uses a medical grade pico-second laser, which is faster and more effective than its nanosecond predecessor. The device can offer fades, refinements, trimming and complete removal. Here is the cool thing though, the laser only helps the process, your body actually removes the tattoo.

The pico-second delivers ultra-short pulses of concentrated energy to the ink in your body. These pulses are so rapid they break the ink into tiny particles, which are then absorbed by the lymphatic system and eliminated naturally. In other words, you pee your tattoo out. Legit. This process is far safer than any chemical, salabrasive or eBay-home-job removal kit on the market.

So, put the razor back on the shelf (they’re bad for the environment) and put your film and TV grade-foundation back in the dress-up box. Life is too short for regrats… regretz… regrets?

Psst! Armpits smoother than your forehead? You’ll be ecstatic (at least on the inside) to hear that CleanSlate offer injectables. Western standard products at Bali kinda prices that will raise your eyebrows.. well, that is until the botox kicks in.. 😉 Get it babes!

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