Scooting along Jalan Raya Batu Mejan on your way to Echo Beach and none other than the iconic Ubudian Clear Cafe catches your eye.. Finally! The Ubud staple Clear Cafe has multiplied, had a few (major) enhancements (haven’t we all?!), spread its wings, and landed in none other than our little Canggu. Call it favouritism, call us biased, but we think Canggu got the long straw in this arrangement.

If you’ve never ventured north and don’t know about Clear Cafe, let us do the honour of talking it up. When you step through the doors of Clear Cafe, you are making the unconscious decision to clear your conscience. Met with a smile and a token in exchange for your shoes, you’ll enter a natural haven. Surrounded by wood, stone, lava rock, and greenery, cool rainforest vibes set it.

Climbing the stairs to the upper level, make sure not to trip over the message written in marigolds, “Miracles are everywhere”. And that they are, because this space is nothing short of miraculous. Grandiose would be an understatement when describing Clear’s upstairs. Filled with natural light, painted with pop art Hindu gods and goddesses, and filled with comfy benches and chairs, you’re not going to want to leave. Sit down, stay awhile. Clear your mind…have a drink. The boozeless kind.

*Gasp!* We know, but…

Nothing clears the mind more than steering clear of cocktails and beer. Don’t fret. You won’t go thirsty. Keep quenched with Champagne of the Gods (kombucha), Mylkshakes (go for the Monkey Mocha for a little pick me up), and smoothies like the mango twilight that will have your skin glowing a little more with every sip. Oh, and you know the Gu girls can’t turn down shots. Health shots, that is! Knock back some flu-fighting, anti-ageing, anti-depressing elixirs. Film it, tag us. We love watching a struggle!

Now that you are literally becoming more beautiful and stable as those potions start to work their magic, it’s time to order some eats. Clear Cafe takes eating local to the next level, physically providing you with a map that points out exactly where your meal’s ingredients are coming from. Strictly no meat, Clear is happy to accommodate your dietary needs. Pescatarian? The sesame tuna sushi roll in a bowl has your name written all over it. Vegetarian or vegan? The world is your oyster mushroom.

And while Clear is firstly a restaurant, it is so much more than that. No really; it’s also a spa, yoga studio, daycare, workspace, outdoor movie theatre, and community hub. We told you this place was big.

Clear calls all mums (and dads) to come in for a much-needed spa day. The prices are seriously so good you could spend the entire day treating yourself to some necessary and well-deserved R&R without even batting a lashy eye. But no need to leave the babes at home. Bring ‘em with! Clear offers babysitting in their kid’s play area so you can chill and let them be somebody else’s problem.

You can seriously spend your whole day at Clear. Start with some brekkie, flow into some yoga in their brand new studio, nibble on a light lunch and round out the afternoon with a little spa-ing. Order some dinner and stay for one of Clear’s outdoor movies or open mic nights. And don’t feel guilty about overstaying your welcome. In fact, they insist you do.

Clear Cafe is passionate about bringing the sense of community that is so vibrant in Ubud to Canggu. They invite you to put down your phone, have a real conversation, and maybe even start a love affair. Clear is all about connection; connecting Canggu with good food and good people.

And when it is finally time to go, you could take the stairs. Or you could go out in style, sliding down the slide or fireman’s pole. And sliding should come naturally to you after all those DMs you’ve slid into after a night out in the Gu.

So if you’re like us gals and could use a little escape from the chaos and Instagramming that is Canggu, treat yourself to a day at Clear Cafe. You’ve so clearly earned it!

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