In a town full of vegan-this, gluten-free that.. there’s finally something refreshingly non-hipster and downright decadent cooking in our hood. Cook and Baker by Aurora bakery is an ever-so-sweet boutique bakehouse, fresh out of the oven on Jl Raya Semat. Though this is Aurora’s first shop space in Canggu, a visit to Cook and Baker won’t be the first time you’ve tasted her delicious bakery treats.

Life is all about counting the memories, not the calories, and it’s with this in mind that we’ll throwback to the first time you savoured the Snickers cheesecake at Betelnut. That’s right. Responsible for some of the sweetest moments you’ve had in Canggu over the years, Aurora is the baker behind the Cheesecake display at Betelnut, the afternoon tea spread at Milk & Madu, the Vegan Carrot Cake at Shady Shack, the Salted Caramel pretzel cheesecake at Nude, the vegan Banoffee pie at Peloton and the lemon meringue pie at Bungalow.. to name just a few. Her famous cakes, cookies, pies, tarts, muffins & breads are all now assembled in her own Berawa showcase, with the addition of some Cook & Baker exclusives.

“Life is short, eat dessert first”. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean spooning an entire jar of their salted butter caramel for breakfast, but also – no judgement. Whether you’re after a warm sticky cinnamon scroll with your morning coffee, a healthy baguette made with fresh baked bread for lunch, or some take away treats for your afternoon sugar cravings, Aurora has got you covered.

Stop in for all your naughty snack time needs, and balance it all out with a few healthy options too. Yes hipsters, Aurora wouldn’t leave you hungry. Infact, she’ll have you know her many of her cakes and biscuits are not only vegan, but also gluten-free! This bakery wizard has achieved the impossible; catering to pretty much every food intolerance in one choc chip cookie, and having it still taste absolutely freaking deeelish!

Cook and Baker also stock a super range of wholefoods and pantry stores, including chia seed puddings, cashewtella (better than the real thing), vegan coconut caramel, vegan feta and our current addiction: their seeded gluten-free crispbreads topped with housemade hummus. YUM!

Find Cook & Baker by Aurora on Jl Raya Semat, roughly opposite Colors Nail Spa.

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