Have you got big ambitions for lunch? But can’t quite raise the cash for a flamboyant feed? Aspirations for a Buddha bowl on a Nasi Goreng budget? Reminds us of this girl we once knew, Debbie.

You might’ve heard of her before. A small town girl, with big city dreams, Debbie had to find a way to get her fill, within her means. A hunger for the bigger things in life, Debbie wasn’t going to let her humble assets hold her back. Debbie had a plan. To spread what’s she’s working with on the daily, and still walk away completely satisfied.

So what does Debbie do? Debbie Does Salad. Big bowl build-your-own salads that you can eat on a daily basis, for a reasonable price.

Why, what did you think we were talking about? 😉🤣

Debbie is the name on everyone’s lips. A totally personalised lunchtime experience you’ll want to keeping coming back to. Come once a week, or like us, come everyday – guaranteed you’ll be cheering! 🤸🏽‍♀️

Custom order your salad bowl with your choice of dressing, filling and salsa, and it will only set you back 55k. Looking for a big protein fix? Get a load of the Tamarind coconut chicken in and around your mouth. Only 20k extra. Wash it all down with a glass of Kombucha on tap – for only 30k. Yep. A mighty mouthful and a refreshing drink, for under 100k. If there’s anyone who knows how hard you work for those $10 bills, it’s Debbie. 😉

Debbie is no one-lunch stand either. You’ll for sure never get bored, playing with the endless combo of dressings, salads, fillings, proteins and extra toppings. We had Creamy coconut dressing with sweet potato, cucumber salsa and sweet’n’sour tempe one day (70k), Ginger’n’lime, watermelon salad, mango salsa and 3 vege lentil patty the next (70k). Maybe vinagerette dressing with cous cous salad, zinging slaw and boiled egg is more your jam (63k). Like a little something on top? Level up wtih a super food mix, a nut & seed mix, half an avo or a spoonful of spicy kimchi.

You get the idea? Get hungry, get creative, and then get full. Real full.

Debbie Does Salad is whats been missing from the Canggu food scene. A no-nonsense salad bar where the name is the gimmick, not the food. Think dirty, eat clean.

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