Bali is known as the island of the gods and for good reason too – with over 20,000 thousand temples dotting the landscape of our beautiful volcanic island home, we we are blessed to have the gods of Bali watching over us. While we are endlessly grateful that the Hindu gods have our backs, we have now been extra blessed with the arrival of our personal favourite worshipping ground in the Gu: Say hello to Falafel Temple (and wave goodbye to your diet – you’ll want to order double servings of EVERYTHING!)

Located on prime land in Berawa right next to Bungalow Living Bali, Falafel Temple is here to rock the socks off all you Falafel lovers. Inspired by the flavours of the Middle East and using the freshest ingredients found in Bali, we only have one thing to say about the crispy-but-soft balls of chickpea heaven that are now available just around the corner from us: GET IN MY BELLY NOW!

Now, y’all know that by no stretch of the imagination could we be classified as vegan (because #shteaaakkkk) but we are aware of the environmental and ethical effects of the meat industry. In any case, limiting meat consumption isn’t even an issue in the Gu with new vegan joints opening up on the weekly and to be honest: double cheeseburgers ain’t got nothing on vegan Herb Falafel pita pockets stuffed to your satisfaction with extra babaganoush and tahini sauce! That’s right Gu crew: Falafel Temple is 100% plant-based and 1000% delish!

The concept is simple: Choose between pita pockets or a selection of Mezzes. The pita pockets are filled with your choice of either herb or Harissa falafels, cilantro, parsley, mint and served with a fresh Arabic salad, cashew tahini and a green chili or red harissa sauce (#protip: get both and enjoy the sauce life). Pick and mix your favourite mezzes from the display: hummus, moutabbel, tabbouleh, carrot salad, arabic salad, cabbage salad and pair them with regular or wholewheat pita and your choice of falafels. At 30k each, be warned: you’ll be tempted to go a little babaganuts and we don’t judge – we definitely did! Make sure you order seconds (and thirds) of the hummus and don’t miss out on the mezzo platter special: Choice of 5 for just 100k!

Head over Berawa way to fulfil all your Falafel dreams in the cool comfort of the bright interior in the AC-cooled cafe, or sit back outside with a pita pocket in one hand and a shisha pipe in the other, as you watch the Gu go by.

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