The great Canggu burger debate is about to be shut down, with the opening of Fatboy’s The Burger Bar Bali. Forget what you think you know about burgers – Fatboy’s take the humble hamburger and grill it to mouthwatering perfection, super size it, and pimp it out with finger-licking sides like onion rings, mozarella cheese sticks, a huge range of cheesey fries and our fave – the spicy chicken drumlets (if you dare!).

This global burger chain is about to level-up the Canggu burger game, offering something truly different to all the other “shacks” in the Gu. Stop in to the Fatboy’s Burger Bar to experience an old-school rock-n-roll themed diner. Beach Boys play over the speakers, as you sip on a classic milk-bar style thickshake and decide what kinda burger you’ll conquer on today’s visit.

Back to those burgers then.. let’s take a look at their menu of chuck beef, pork, lamb, chicken or a vegetarian Portobello mushroom;

  • The Yolo

    Single patty of your choice (Beef, Lamb or Pork)
    Assembled atop a fried egg, fried spam , Fried Onion Strings,Mozzarella Cheese Sticks with Smoked Chipotle on a sesame seed bun

  • Fat Basterd

    Double beef chuck patties, chewy bacon, cheddar cheese, a fried egg and homemade Fatboy’s BBQ sauce on sesame seed bun

  • Wimpy (Choice of Beef/Pork/Lamb)

    Single Version of the Fat Basterd but the bestest selling burger just yet!

  • Swiss Shroom

    Beef chuck patty, sauteed Shitake mushrooms, melted swiss cheese with garlic aioli on a whole meal bun

  • The Elvis

    Bacon stuffed Pork patty, grilled bananas and creamy peanut butter on a honey oat bun

  • Bleu Peppercorn

    Beef chuck patty coated in crushed black pepper topped with a crispy onion ring, and homemade blue cheese dressing on a sesame seed bun

  • Royale with Cheese

    The classic Cheeseburger with our hand crafted beef patty, aged cheddar cheese and smothered with BBQ sauce & onion marmalade on a sesame seed bun

  • Pizza The Hutt

    Beef chuck patty smothered with homecooked tomato concasse and melted Monterrey jack cheese. Topped with Pepperoni on a sesame seed bun

  • Bushtucker

    Beef chuck patty, chewy bacon, melted swiss cheese, beets, topped with wild arugula and garlic aioli on a whole meal bun

  • Monster Mash

    Fried Chicken burger smothered in bechamel topped with Wasabi mash potato, Bacon and aged Cheddar on a honey oat bun

  • Holy Caeser

    Grilled seasoned chicken, chewy bacon, on a bed of romaine lettuce, sprinkles of Parmesan and topped with homemade Ceasar dressing on a sesame seed bun

  • Jamaican Me Hungry

    Jerk seasoned bacon stuffed Pork patty topped with sundried tomatoes, chewy bacon and homemade coleslaw and smothered with mayonaise on a sesame seed bun

  • The Burgatory

    Beef chuck patty, topped with our signature spicy Chili Queso and juicy jalapenoes on a sesame seed bun *Ask for extra napkins

  • Bolly Wooly

    Juicy lamb patty, on a bed of lettuce and tomato, smothered with homemade curry remoulade and topped mango chutney on a honey oat bun

  • Mahalo

    Bacon stuffed pork patty, caramelised onions, grilled pineapple, melted monterey jack cheese and creamy mayonnaise on a sesame seed bun

  • Big Bello (Vegetarian)

    Grilled Portobello in balsamic vinegar, caramelised onions, grilled peppers, pineapple, melted monterey jack cheese, smoked chipotle sauce on a whole meal bun

If you haven’t worked yourself into a total food coma yet, take a squiz at their salad menu (special shout out to the caesar!), and their menu of grilled steaks, salmon fillet,  chicken & waffle sandwich, chili-stuffed foot long, spaghetti meat balls, mac n’ cheese & loads more. I need a belly rub just thinking about it! (DROOL!)


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