Ooft! On the island of sweaty bum patches, melted make up and one-time-only wears for every outfit, there is a critical need for the daily inclusion of ice cream in one’s diet (…any excuse, amirite). Luckily for the ‘Gu, Seminyak-born institution Gelato Factory spotted the crisis from across the shortcut and found themselves a wholesome little sister location on Jl. Batu Bolong. Phe-yew!

So, how can you optimise your health with Gelato Factory? Let’s start with what’s bothering you. Got a fever? Gelato. Got a hangover? Gelato. Got a huge, looming deadline and feeling incredibly underprepared? Gelato.

The authentic Italian gelato process is one of quality over quantity; it takes both passion and precision to create. Gelato Factory carefully select the best products, including fresh milk, fresh cream, and fresh local fruits, to create a remedy that is completely free from hydrogenated fat, artificial colours and anything toxic or inflammatory. Ice bath for the inside, anyone?

Gelato Factory’s display of frosty delights features more colours than you even thought possible, making it a stellar way to wake up your face and check your viewing preferences are in HD. There are enough flavours to cure the curiosity of Craig David himself, ranging from classics like Italian Chocolate and Pistachio to quirkier gear we can’t even pronounce. For the gluten and nut intolerant: Gelato Factory’s team of scoopers can prescribe you the most suitable dollop for your allergies.

Hangry for a proper meal? Grab an ice cream sambo to go. Gelato Factory also dispenses healthy juices made from fresh fruit and veggies, fresh fruit smoothies and gelato milkshakes. If you happen to be under 100cm tall, bubba gelato cups are on the house. Now what chaos can’t that solve?

And just in case you were about to consult your registered GP, don’t bother. Gelato Factory’s gelato contains far less regret than traditional ice cream, making it essentially a super food and Gelato Factory *essentially* a well-being clinic. So, when those 4pm cravings start to kick in, you’ve just applied your 6th layer of foundation and you can’t bear another costume change, park your sweaty bum at Gelato Factory on Batu Bolong and take a big ole’ inhale of frozen happiness.



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