Bali sun got you forming an unhealthy co-dependency with your AC unit? We got you, Gu crew. Relief has landed on the shores of Canggu, and parked midway up Jalan Batu Bolong. The latest in the series of our favourite Seminyak names to make the expansion to the Gu, we could barely hold our ice-cream lovin’ horses as Gelato Factory Bali FINALLY opened it’s doors in the hood.

So what’s the Gelato Factory difference? Authentic Italian gelato takes time and a genuine passion to create. Gelato Factory carefully select the best quality products; fresh milk, fresh cream, and fresh local fruits – to create a gluten-free product thats totally free from hydrogenated fat and artificial colourings. True Italian craftsmanship at its finest.

Their display of gelato features all colours of the rainbow – step up your instagram game getting snap happy with a magenta dragon fruit cone and atop a fluorescent ‘Blue Angel’ scoop. All the traditional Italian classics are there too – from creamy pistachio and tiramisu, through to deep dark chocolate gelato goodness. May we reccommend our fave? The pavlova gelato, scooped into a fresh fruit sundae, and topped with straberries, banana and a crumbled meringue. YUM! Grab an ice cream sandwich for your cheat day lunch, or a takeaway fruit smoothie to cool down in this heat (any excuse’ll do!).

Gelato contains less cream than traditional ice cream, making it essentially a health food, right? Treat yo’self! Gelato Secrets also pour up some seriously delish fresh fruit juices too! Throw in those fruity vegan scoops (Umm, hello blueberry sorbet!) and their nut and gluten-free options, and you have the answer to all the questions you didn’t even know you had. You’re welcome.

We know it’s hot hot hot outside, and that the AC-addiction is real but trust us – make your way to Gelato Factory and hot and sticky will feel well and truly worth it! As we always say in the Gu Crew HQ: Ice cream may solve most problems, but gelato solves them all.

Psst! As an added bonus, our latest Canggu obsession offers free bubba cups to anyone under 100cm. Grab your kids, neighbours kids or get on your knees yourself – you haven’t lived until you’ve had seconds and thirds of the Gelato Factory Pavlova! Enak Sekali!!

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8.00am - 10.00pm

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