In Gu to surf? All about that salty hair and sandy toes life? Or maybe your bae loves to line up to catch some waves, and the only lining up you’ll be doing is either waiting for your XL caramel latte or to buy another one of those Sabrina style floral dresses? Then we got you, girl! Good Story Surf Motel is perfect for anyone wanting an affordable place to stay, walking distance from the black sands of Echo Beach and all the hottest spots in the Echo hood.

But wait for it… Besides for the fact that all the rooms are super clean, furnished with a mix of wooden and dark grey stone interior, and you can pretty much check the surf from your window every morning. And besides that they rent surf boards and have a large selection of cool surf magazines and books in the lobby. And that they have a boutique with the most stylish selection of wetsuits and surf gear in their lobby. Are you waiting for it? There is a rooftop, with a pool, and a cocktail bar, with crazy big and comfy tanning bed, with a sick view of the Gu and the beach! Just imagine the sunsets! Annnnd you’re welcome, crew!

We’ll just allow ourselves and plan out your first day. Check the surf (obvs), or if you are like us, just pretend you are checking the surf but actually the only thing that’s on your mind are those eggs benny and a cappuccino or three – then Alterego or Gypsy Cafe are our top-picks. After a quick shop-stop at Gu gals fave Les Basics and Cute Mistake. Also, right when you get on the main roach from Good Story there is a cute jewellery market on your right side, similar to Love Anchor in Batu Bolong. After a massage at AMO Spa (free pool&sauna area entry with Gu Guide app with the purchase of any treatment). After a quick healthy bite at Debbie Does Salad or The Acai Shop (both located by the entrance to the Echo Beach). After a tanning session and sunset swim on Good Story rooftop. And end the night with a dinner at Tropikale or a pizza at Fabbrica and a couple of beers at Deus. This is literally our definition of a perfect day, DM us because hell yeah we are joining!

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