Kalapa Resort in Canggu – experience the real Bali.

Secluded within ricefields and a deep river valley, escape to an idyllic of simple life, unparalleled service and warm local village charm. Kalapa Resort in Canggu will resonate some harmony back into your life by offering you the opportunity to experience the traditional life, the lush tropical landscapes, the spaciously comfortable vernacular timber houses, and Kalapa’s renowned ability to service your every need.

Canggu, villages of fishermen, farmers and beautiful balinese village smiles. To realise how simple life can be, how convenient beauty can be found. Named after a mythical city of Shambala, Kalapa is created with the vision to introduce travellers to an unparalleled, enchanted and yet nostalgic experience. Kalapa is a window to bali’s nostalgic charms and enchanting fabled mysticism.

8 houses of different origins, curated for every travellers to have a truly unique nostalgic journey. Secluded by a river valley and ricefields, highlights a open joglo house that serves as restaurant, punctuated by two swimming pools, to maximise the enjoyment for every heart of the adventurer.

Our Useful Features & Services