Clean eating isn’t a diet, it’s a healthy, happy way of life – and Kinoa Bali is where Canggu foodies go to enjoy it.

Clean eating is all about being conscious about what we put on our fork.. where did it come from? Who made it? Do we know what’s in it? It means enjoying whole foods in their most natural state, having taken the shortest pathway possible to your plates, and limiting anything processed. It is with this clean eating ethos in mind that the family behind Kinoa Bali have designed a menu full of homemade goodness. Experienced local chefs and permaculture enthusiasts, they have skilfully created each dish with a while lotta love, and no added nasties. There’s no palm oil, no refined sugars, only organic local produce, free-range organic eggs, gluten free options – so that it all feels as good as it tastes.

Though not strictly vegan, most of the menu is plant powered, with just a few eggs here and a slice of salmon or two there. Power up your Bali day with a granola-topped smoothie bowl for brekkie, an apple & quinoa porridge topped with tropical fruit salad, or a mouth watering stack of caramel latte pancakes. Savoury lovers will crush hard on their healthy brunch dishes like eggs bennie three ways, the Nasi Goreng ala Kinoa, or their long list of superfood salads; all the colours of the rainbow.

Wash it all down with a fresh-pressed bottle of juice – our favourite is the passionfruit, or the guava – with no added sugar, and no added water – its a refreshing (and natually sweet) treat packed with vitamins!

If you’re scooting in for a quick coffee, make sure you try one of their clean eating treats. Kinoa Bali is also home to the famous Thyme & Caramel vegan & gluten free cakes. Fresh baked from the dedicated cakery kitchen, they are the perfect accompaniment to your coffee and a rice field view!

Find Kinoa Bali along Jl Munduk Catu, Pererenan – a quick scoot of Jl Pantai Pererenan and just metres behind the sands of Echo Beach.

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