Everyone knows that come nightfall, Batu Bolong is the place to be. With a weekly rotation of live music gigs, dirty pub parties, beach raves, and Sunday sessions, its every Canggu revellers party playground. But the lawless good times generally don’t kick off until after 8ish. So where do the hedonists hang before sundown? La Bandida Canggu, that’s where.

Low-lit and bordered by tall leafy palms, this shrubby shack along Jl Tanah Barak makes the perfect hideout for Batu Bolong party bandits. Serving up an innovative Spanish–Mexican fusion menu, alongside a killer list of libations, La Bandia is where you go to quaff mojitos, and sip on Sangria before getting down with your bad self on a Gu night out.

“Smuggling good taste” is the house motto, and its unmissable in their authentic latino fare.
Time to get your guard up, because these bad-ass gourmet gangsters are set to steal your heart, through your stomach. Within their somewhat outlandish fusion menu you’ll find tapas, tostadas & tacos, bocatas & burgers, salads for the health conscious, and devilish desserts for the more reckless among us. Start with a ‘tabla de embutidos’  sharing board piled with cured meats, smoked ricotta and manchego cheese, slide into a few sneaky tapas-style tacos dripping in melted cheese, and wash it all down with a few sneaky cocktails (special mention to the “purple rain” gin & juice, the “jungle boogie” and the passionfruit caprioska). You can thank us later.

If you’re down with having your same-same sunset routine hijacked, round up your comrades.. and sneak into the Gu’s newest snack shack for some pre-bash banter. It’s a hideout worthy of any party posse’s Canggu time.

Find La Bandida Bali tucked away on Jl Tanah Barrack, just off Batu Bolong (around the corner from Amo Spa Bali and on the same strip as I Make The Pies).

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5.30pm - Midnight


5.30pm - Midnight


5.30pm - Midnight


5.30pm - Midnight


5.30pm - Midnight


5.30pm - Midnight


5.30pm - Midnight

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