Luigi’s Hot Pizza is one of the Gu’s hottest new hangs. Who remembers Salty Seagull in Seminyak? It’s like Salty Seagull’s Italian cousin just flew in. A playground of picnic benches, set amongst a striking colour scheme of black, red and so, so, SO much white.. The ultimate canvas for Instagram pics.

Luigi’s is the newest arrival from the Mexicola and Da Maria fam, bringing you the same warmth, hospitality and of course, the PARTIES that this group is island-famous for. You’ll be seated, greeted and fed as if you were visiting your Nonna for dinner at home, and then entertained to their signature standing-on-table-tops-pouring-drinks-into-your-mouth style.. dancing on tables not compulsory, but certainly encouraged. Luigi’s promises a big night, and then helps you clean up the mess afterwards – with their hangover-preventing pizza menu (Genius! you don’t have to go anywhere to get that midnight snack!!).

Luigi’s is all about a fresh fast food concept, without the fuss. True to Canggu hipster style – the food and drinks hold the limelight in pizza boxes and paper cups featuring distinct hand-crafted graphics. You already know the culinary genius behind the concept – yep! It’s another creation fresh-outta-the-oven from the Da Maria crew – and you can taste it in every mouthwatering, cheesy bite. Our faves? Choose from the P4: Capricciosa with mushrooms, artichokes and olives, the P2: wood roasted chicken with peperonata or our number one choice – the P8: spicy salami, chillies, onion and potato.

Now, let’s talk about salads. At a pizza place? You betcha. How about the S1: watermelon, feta, mint, basil and candied walnuts and the S3: roasted pumpkin, fior di latte, pine nuts and rocket? What’s a fior di latte you ask? Well, that’s the Italian way of saying mozzarella – which translates to ‘flower of the milk’. Authentico.

How about pairing your pizza with a house made, perfectly balanced and totally DELISH cocktail? Don’t mind if we do! The drinks menu is put together by the island famous Dr. Cocktail. Wash that slice down with a Sicilian Margarita: tequila, house aperitivo, secco vermouth, cinnamon, lime and blood orange. Zing! If your tastebuds are hankering for something sweeter, wrap your lips around an N147: vodka, coconut, passionfruit, falernum (spiced sugar syrup), pineapple, lime and allspice bitters. One won’t be enough, trust us. (And at 60k – 70k a cup, you can afford to try them all – we L O V E !!)

Get in one of their now-famed Gu party nights (Mondays and Saturdays is where its at) to be guaranteed a big night out.

Luigi’s Hot Pizza Bali.. Get it while it’s HOT!

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5.00pm - Midnight


5.00pm - Midnight


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5.00pm - Midnight

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