As Canggu grows over the years, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to global cuisines. It sometimes feels like we’ve got more Italian eateries than Italy does, so many French food establishments that it could actually make a French woman fat, more Japanese restaurants than you can poke a chopstick at. One cuisine super fresh to the Canggu foodie scene, and one we are hoping grows at a rate as speedy as the others – Polynesian. Gu crew.. have you tried Mai Tai Bali yet? O.M.GU!

With Poke bowls #trending and popping up on almost every menu in Canggu, our tastebuds have been desperate for more of the French Polynesian delicacies that this new craze has introduced us to. Cue: the arrival of Tahitian hotspot Mai Tai Bali, for a feast of exotic Polynesian flavours.

Satisfy all your fish cravings at this fresh AF seafood eatery. Really though, we’ve got mad love for their sweet tender coconut milk-soaked tuna ceviche, crushing HARD on the house special red tuna “half cooked” carpaccio bathed in a sweet shallot sauce, and are straight obsessed over their totally moreish Ahi Poke. All of the dishes at Mai Tai Bali are delectable and really well priced – at an average 80k – 90k per dish including a side of rice, mixed salad or French Fries. Lunch time done oh-so-right.

The Canggu hipster crowd will love the imaginative vegan carpaccio – a mandala of wafer-thin sliced vegetables, topped with herbs, seeds and tangy dressing – Mait’i! [What was that little expression we threw in? Mait’i means “good” in Tahiti, like the Tahitian version “Bagus”, which was the inspiration for this little eateries name].

Wash all of this deliciousness down with some icy cold fresh juices & smoothies and you’ve got yourself a mad chill meal to beat the Bali heat.

If you are in the market for something tropical, tasty and kind on the waistline this weekend, find Mai Tai on the same strip at Deus Bali, on the left as you head towards Echo Beach. Hit Canteen and you’ve gone too far.

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