Science can be cruel to women. One day, you stand up to get out of bed, and realise that everything’s just a little closer to the ground. Like, ah ‘scuse, that definitely wasn’t there yesterday? But while it can be cruel, it can also be kinda… cool… to women. We’re all about aging with grace and wearing our wisdom with pride, blah blah, yadda yadda but sometimes, you know, a gal just wants to sculpt her sag and flatten her flab. Is that so wrong? Moii Aesthetic Clinic on Jl. Bumbak, Umalas, is the place to go when it comes to judgement free, almost instantaneous body transformations. This new cosmetic clinic not only fringes the Gu but is pioneering the frontiers of skincare as well.

They’ll keep your money-maker in shape with treatments like the Power C+ (Vitamin C induction), Power Retinol (increases collagen to reduce fine lines), derma peels (to get you brighter and lighter), acne management packages, intraceutical oxygen facials, Vitamin A+ and antioxidant boosters, micro-needling, face massage and a list of other remedies so comprehensive even the most problematic skin can find a solution.

Moii have two fully qualified doctors in-house – Dr Andrew Uidjaja and Dr. Novita Pristiwanigrum (who, coincidentally, was on the cover of the beauty magazine we picked up in the waiting room). These docs head up all the injectables, including non-surgical facelifts (starting from 5.5mil), lip fillers (starting from 3.75mil – Restylane, Juvaderm & Neuvia), 3D facial contouring (starting at 20mil) and botox (85k per unit).

But it’s not all about plumping and pouting. At Moii you can have hypertrophic or keloid scars needled for reduction, acne flair ups treated intravenously and Vitamin C infused directly into your face. And since we’re here, for the hungover among us (CC: everyone), Moii have IV-drips ranging from 1.25mil to 1.5mil a pop, dependant on the severity of your past-self-indulgence.

Hold on. We haven’t even gotten to the slimming and firming part yet! Moii bills itself as a one-stop aesthetic clinic and oxygen lounge, and it’s safe to say they live up to that title. Inside the glistening walls are a couple of medical-grade beautifying machines that put the positive reaction in chemistry. The ‘Indiba Deep Care TM’ is a proionic system that restores tissue activity in the derma, making skin appear smoother, more hydrated and sufficiently less bumpy. It can also penetrate deep into the body’s storage units, prompting fat cells to shrink in volume, re-oxygenate, and completely eliminate themselves of toxins. In human speak, this thing tightens skin, contours the body, eradicates cellulite and can even assist with post-surgery wound healing. Does it hurt? Feels like a warm stone massage. Call that a two birds and a one stone massage.

Moii also hosts a variety of other machines worthy of introduction to the vanity lexicon. One that can crystalise your fat cells causing them to self-destruct – sounds violent but those fat cells never asked if they could move into your body – targeting areas like the chin, arms, bra folds, love handles, inner thighs and lower belly. If you prefer the opposite end of the thermometer, you can also opt to put a little heat on your trouble zones with the ‘Elixis Ultra 360’. The Elixis uses ultrasound energy to rattle old collagen fibres and initiate the process of new collagen formation. That’s all a mellowing gal really wants in her life – a little more collagen here and there. Well, specifically here… and definitely there.

A lot. We know. But now that you’re officially up to date with what’s been cookin’ in beauty labs around the globe and curated oh-so-conveniently for you here in Bali, you can go about your day knowing that confidence is just around the corner. Like, literally, in Umalas. Happy booty hacking, face firming and forever young-ing, ‘Gu babes!

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