Bali life got your skin like “ugh”? The sun, the salt, the sand and the motorbike fumes can wreak havoc on our otherwise endless summer kinda glowy complexions. Girlll.. we got you. Enter My Soap Story, and exit all your Bali skincare woes.

Tucked in right next to our fave boutique Cove Island Essentials on Pantai Berawa, this little beauty bar is our new skincare mecca, and it’s about to be yours too. We’re not sure whether it was the custom marble shop fitout, the lush fragrances wafting from the soap displays or the beautiful glass-bottled packaging.. but whatever it was, Soap Story got us good.

Born from a life long love of cult beauty soap ‘Savon De Marseille’, French beauty and creator of My Soap Story Souhela has created her very own skincare range at a pharmaceutical laboratory right here in Bali. Working alongside professional pharmacists to develop the perfect formulas – you know you’re getting quality. These Paraben-Free, Sulfate-Free products are all-natural and jam-packed with the good stuff. Rose oil, Vitamin C, Argan oil and Castor oil.. get onto our faces immediately!

Now, any soap worth telling stories about ain’t your standard Imperial Leather bar, monsieur. Boasting over 40 good-enough-to-eat scents, these creamy bars of goodness are used for everything from body washing, to shampoo, to facial exfoliating and baby skincare. Can’t decide? Opt for a 3-in-1 face wash, body wash and shampoo and save yourself precious shower space. Pure genius.

With soaps and serums, lotions and potions.. even a few sneaky perfumed rollers.. I mean, we’ve never needed an excuse to feed our unhealthy shopping addiction, but if we did.. My Soap Story would be it.

All those late nights dancing and sunbathing sessions at Alternative Beach can leave us looking considerably wrinklier than our former #10yearchallenge selves. Rejuvenate and boost collagen with the My Soap Story Pure C Serum. Plumping, smoothing and brightening – we’re adding this one to our nightly routine. Mix with the Wild Roses Infused Facial Oil for an extra antioxidant boost AND wake up smelling like a flower. It’s win-win, ma belle!

Maybe we’ve been living in Canggu too long – but we’ll find any excuse to add to our crystal collections #gypsylife. The Rose Quartz facial roller is the prettiest way to de-puff and de-stress. It’s also a boujee little addition to our beauty display. Tres cute! Speaking of pretty rocks, we NEED the oil perfumes in our lives. Amethyst or Tiger’s Eye? Both? If you insist! Each fragrance comes with an adorable little gemstone roller ball. These bestsellers are the perfect gift, IF you can manage to part with them.

We’re yet to find toiletries and accessories in the Gu as beautiful as they are serious, until now. Serums, toners, cleansers, body wash, shampoo & conditioner, perfumes.. the list goes on. Pharmacy grade ingredients meet luxury products and packaging (at a very reasonable price, we might add). If you’re looking to up your beauty game ladies and gents – Soap Story has it all, and then some!


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