Canggu’s pizza-and-burger game has long been a strong one, but it’s really levelled up with the newest arrival to the hood: say hello to Naked Bun Bali and wave goodbye to your diet. See ya next year (maybe)!

Located next to Taco Casa Bali, the Naked Bun concept is so straightforward that we’re almost inclined to approach it with a healthy pinch of suspicion; I mean, surely in this day and age of complicated dietary restrictions (yeah, we’re looking at you, vegans, gluten-free-ans) a restaurant should have more than just pizzas and burgers, RIGHT?! Wrong. Going against the gluten-free grain, these rebels are stacking hefty burgers atop fluffy signature house-baked brioche buns (drool), and dropping them down with a sneaky slice (or ten) of scissor cut pizza pies. If loving carbs is wrong, then we don’t wanna be right!

Ok, so don’t run a mile, for the sake of being inclusive, there’s ALSO some gluten-free bases and buns for the rest of you. And a sneaky salad or two for the veggos among us. But we gotta be honest, this joint is all about the base. The hand stretched pizza base topped with six cheeses (oh heyyy Cheester), or the Mix Grille pizza with salami, minced beef, bacon, barbecued pork, bbq sauce, mushrooms and cheese. Go big, or go home!

Just to stop you salivating over the thought of this melt-in-your-mouth paradise, let’s move on to the signature buns; burgers that are as classic as they come. Opt for the Little Lamby with NZ lamb leg patty, cheddar (yasss more cheese!), whipped cream cheese (stop already! 🙌🏼) and a radicchio jam. Or get The Godfather burger in your life, with Italian style porchetta, served with parmesan. Mmm.. All the cheese…

Not in the mood for pizza and burgers? In that case GTFO.. Just kidding! Naked Bun also serves some of the best onion rings and small bites that we’ve had in a while, and the salad menu is delish – far less cheesy, but still delish. Promise! Pair your naked buns with a vanilla margarita and your pizza with a Smokin Toni. Come for lunch and beers, dinner and drinks, or just to watch the Gu pass by. A new Gu girl fave.

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7.30am - 10.00pm


7.30am - 10.00pm


7.30am - 10.00pm


7.30am - 10.00pm


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10.00am - 10.00pm


10.00am - 10.00pm

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