Where co-working spaces are concerned, we’ve done it all; hopped through the over-populated co-working hot spots, fought over electric plugs in AC cooled cafes and spent waaaay too much time in the un-ergonomic comfort of our beds. We’ve been annoyed at the loud Instagrammers nearby chatting at each other in hashtags, and more commonly, we’ve been those people (#amirite?!). We believe that balance is key, and balance can sometimes be hard to find in our little Canggu bubble. But not anymore! Welcome Outpost Canggu, the newest Ubud-to-Canggu import set to help you live out your purpose, in the chillest of settings.

Imagine a pin-drop-silent room with full AC, and contrast that with the fan-cooled area for those of us that are more sociable at work. Think of lightning-fast WIFI connections, with comfy couches to switch off on. Soundproof Skype booths and airy meeting rooms. Imagine work-work-work upstairs, and coffee-pool-chill downstairs.  Outpost offers an entirely new level of professionalism where co-working is concerned, though the yoga loft and on-site swimming pool might beg to differ. Picture yourself attending a Life Design Lab in the day time, and sipping Gin & Tonic’s with the same group at sunset. Get us a slice of that balance already!

Oh, did we mention Life Design Lab? This 2-week Outpost programme is literally a life changer for any of you needing a little nudge in the right direction. Designed for the digitally nomadic inclined of you out there, Life Design Lab guides you through several steps of personal development – whether you’re itching to do something constructive on your Bali break, looking to re-evaluate specific career goals or well and truly lost in life, this series of workshops is the perfect fit for you.

The Outpost Canggu is warehouse-style space has been designed in collaboration with award-winning architect Alexis Dornier, and offers a bright & airy space, flooded with natural light to drive your productivity, with plenty of chill out zones to allow you to connect with your fellow Outposters. Most importantly, theres an onsite cafe. The coffee is strong, the wifi even stronger and that’s all we really need in this life. Plug in Gu crew!

Outpost Canggu membership plans are designed to give you the flexibility you need as a location independent professional. They offer 25 and 70-hour packages, plus two monthly membership deals. The Outpost One monthly membership will give you fully-flexible access to work from either Outpost Canggu or Outpost Ubud. See the Outpost website for current rates.



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