If you didn’t party at Pablo’s.. did you really even Canggu?

A must-visit on any Canggu party bucket list, this pumping attic with a spicy south-of-the-border flayva has you covered from ladies nights (psst! 30k dranks errry Saturday gals!) to hip hop nights.. 15k beer and taco Thursdays to 50k Margarita Sundays. Whatever night you find yourself pounding the Batu Bolong pavement, stop your tracks at Roti Canai and look up – you’ll spot a dizzying mix of poppin’ pastels, sick graphics and neon e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g… and upon entering, will be guaranteed a truly authentic night-at-Pablo’s kinda experience – where excess is celebrated.

Pay your respects to El Patron himself with a tequila shot beneath the stained glass Pablo Escobar shrine, glistening behind the DJ booth. If you don’t get drunk off the dope vibes of this place, you sure will off a shot or two of their signature “Te Amo” shooters – bottoms up!

Open from 11am for lunch, if you’re down for a little chill, get in a little earlier and snag a seat in the upstairs lounge, tuck into some tacos, a loaded plate of nachos, a stacked burger or their signature Cubanos sandwich and enjoy a relaxed warm up before this place really starts to pump into the night.

If you’re down to party like a proper Pablo, make sure you swing in on a Wednesday night when the D-floor really heats up. But don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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11.00am - Midnight


11.00am - Midnight


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11.00am - Midnight


11.00am - Midnight


11.00am - Midnight

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