While we are blessed with epic waves, endless smoothie bowls, Bali’s cutest cafes and increasing shopping opportunities here in the Gu, we’re still short of a few luxuries that are common in the Western world.

Well Gu crew, you can scratch stationery shop right off that list! Paperclip People is Batu Bolong’s newest and cutest little gem, filled to the brim with amazing treasures for your office and your home. That’s right – while the elevator pitch would simply describe Paperclip People as a stationery shop, the long version is much, much better than that.

Paperclip People packs a punch with their huge collection of products that you need to have, want to have and didn’t even know had to have, alongside classic stationery and cute details. The concept initially started with the idea of printing quotes on different textiles, but soon the range of fun tote bags, clutches, t-shirts, pouches and cushion covers grew to include wall pieces and enamel coffee mugs. And about a hundred other products, each cuter and more clever than the other! Throughout the development process the concept evolved from simple stationery items to a quirky brand created with love and a playful approach to everyday items.

Nothing in this shop is boring, and we love every single item here. Ordinary notebooks are titled “My plan is to conquer the world,” the selection of phone cases is EPIC, and who wouldn’t fall in love with the cutest little plastic-free USB stick inside a tiny glass jar? Travellers, globe-trotters and other atlas enthusiasts will love the selection of maps and globes with scratchable surfaces to reveal each country you’ve visited. Paperclip People makes everyday items just a little bit extra, and we could all do with a little extra in our lives.

Our unanimous favourite find was the selection of scented candles – hand-poured and made with 100% soy wax, in the biggest range of different scents! We are actually obsessed with the brown sugar & fig smell of the Childhood Garden candle (can you eat soy wax or nah?), and the minty fresh Rain Forest is a close runner up. You can imagine how excited we were to learn that these candles are produced in collaboration with a charity in West Java, which provides education, healthcare and other assistance all around Indonesia to those less fortunate than us. Excuse me while I double up on candles and do my good deed of the day!

While the concept and the products had as ooh’ing and aah’ing for the better part of a morning, one of our favourite things is still the packaging – everything comes packed in a neat Paperclip people box, tube or envelope, making it the ideal place to buy those last-minute presents for your neighbours birthday party that you forgot about, or to haul up on easy-to-pack items to bring home to the family.

“The universe is made up of tiny stories” is printed on the back of the Paperclip People’s business card, and we couldn’t identify with this more. It’s the countless considerate touches in the collection that make us want to be a part of the Paperclip People’s universe.

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