So you are kind of unsure whether to stay in a lux villa or a five-star resort; but guess what, you can just combine it both and stay at Regali Villas. They are a complex of beautiful tropical luxury villas with private pools. On the property there is a 24/7 reception and security with a huge common pool and a restaurant, which will give you all those tropical resort feels. But the rest is just your own private villa on a prime Gu location. We are talking 3 minute scooter drive to Echo beach surf and about the same to all our fav stores (a.k.a. Les Basics, Cute Mistake, Sensatia Botanical) and cafes. The villas are just around the corner from The Avocado Factory and Debbie Does Salad.

And if you ever wanted that Insta shot in an outside bathtub, full of rose petals surrounded by all the lush green tropical plants and bamboo Regali is where you can do it. It is perfect for couples or families. Each villa has a fully equipped kitchen and they can provide the child-safety equipment. The interior is a mixture of stone and wooden furniture, with lots of island-life decor. You can tan by the main pool and enjoy a cocktail (or three) at their pool-bar or just relax in the privacy of your own villa. We personally love love love Regali Villas and we know you will too,Gu crew!

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