Vegans, Veggos and Canggu foodies rejoice with Roti Daal homestyle Indian eatery! Forget what you thought you knew about Indian food, and dive into a culinary exploration across India, eating Indian food just as the locals do. Greasy cheese naans, Tandoori and butter chicken is basically like the McDonalds drive-thru of Indian food. You won’t find any of that here. For the true taste of India – all vegetarian and cooked using healthy coconut oils – pull up a chair at Roti Daal.

Just like Nasi is Life here in Bali, Roti & Daal is life in India. To say you need “Roti & Daal” means to be so hungry that nothing could satisfy you but a decent serve of the super filling Indian staple. And so the name.

Roti Daal dishes up over 500 home recipes on a daily rotation (warung style), so you’ll rarely taste the same dish twice. Build your own Thali (large plate) of different Katori (small bowls) of delicious and delicately spiced meals. A “Thali of the Day” features rice, naan, papadum and your choice of three dishes and will set you back 90k. Feeling that curry FOMO? The “Maharani Thani” includes rice, naan, papadum and all five dishes, setting you back 125k. A feast fit for a Maharaja, it’s certainly suitable for two and a great way to try it all. Otherwise, order your dishes individually for 30k. Easy.

From delicious daals, flavourful curries, samosas, homemade yoghurt, chutneys and pickles…Roti Daal is a fave for quick lunches & dinners in Berawa – curry in a hurry – if you will. Roti Daal is packed to the rafters and has sell out service most days, with satisfied customers coming back to discover each new daily menu.

A fresh and flavourful concept, you’re gonna love it, daal!

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