Anyone else have a wardrobe full of clothes that just don’t look or feel right? Whether it’s the changing season, the moon phase or just a proclivity for impulse shopping – don’t worry, Gu girls! We got you. Our latest Canggu find is Sab Faro Collectives – located along Batu Bolong, this boutique stole our hearts the second we stepped into the Palo Santo purified space. Island fashion with a healthy dose of new age cleansing? Yes please!

Sab Faro is home to a beautiful collection of sophisticated island wares; flowy fashions, everyday basics, hand crafted jewellery, vegan & cruelty-free makeup, homemade organic soy candles & basically everything you could need or want to adorn your tropical island lifestyle.

Hide from the Bali sun under the Sab Faro selection of wide-brimmed hats and pair the look with gorgeous shell jewellery from Hawaiian brand Leilani Shells. Glam up in the Sab Faro house clothing label, with everything from fun playsuits, to gold sequined dresses to flirty satin pieces. We LOVE!! Dress up in basics that transition easily from beach-casual to island chic with a few added accessories. And if it’s accessories you’re after, Sab Faro is the answer; the selection of rings and necklaces with gems & crystals had us fogging up the displays, while the rattan and batik purses, clutches, pouches and bags are holiday souvenirs that you’ll actually use. Yasss!

Shopping for a gift for some spesh? Pick up something truly unique from Sab Faro; like some handmade gemstone jewels, a leopard print bralette, a bag of Peruvian Palo Santo smudging sticks, or even a vile of “dragons blood” anti-viral healing elixir, sustainably extracted from tree sap in Peru.

The word on the street is that there is plenty more items being added to the collection as we speak. Good thing too, seeing as we’re about to clean out the shop of all of our favourite pieces! Hands off that navy romper! It’s ours! We will fight you for it!

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