Finding the right tattoo artist is kind of like finding your soulmate on Tinder, or the perfect one bedroom villa with a pool for monthly rent in Canggu: seemingly impossible. That was, until the doors opened to Sacred Ornaments Tattoo. Founded in by the intensely right-brained French artist Romain LaBordille, Sacred Ornaments tattoo is a world-renown studio offering European standard hygiene practices, and seriously brag-worthy body art.

Romain and his crew of local and International guest artists have been inking and piercing human canvases in Echo Beach since 2016, specialising in blackwork, neo-tribal, occult symbols and ornamental pieces like mandalas, laces, or florals.

Some of the most famous styles to come out of the Sacred Ornaments Tattoo studio are the neo-tribal depictions of the Balinese Barong. Statement blackwork pieces taking inspiration from the islands Indigenous culture and mythology, the Barong tattoo not only symbolises health and good fortune, but also makes a bad-ass souvenir of your time spent in Paradise.

If you’re in the market for something truly custom, resident artist Romain has forged a solid rep of being a truly skilled artist, and a collaborative visionary. If you can think it, Romain and the Sacred Ornaments Tattoo crew can ink it. Though famous for their dramatic sleeves, chest pieces, and legwork, they’ll happily design and execute more delicate pieces too, and not charge you an arm and a leg.. get it? 😉 Really though, Sacred Ornaments is a trusted space for transparent pricing, and quality results.

So while they can’t help you with the soulmate, or the villa, if you’re in the market for some dope Canggu body art to last a lifetime, make an appointment with Sacred Ornaments Tattoo.






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