What’s this then.. Santorini in Canggu? Nai! Dine in the Greek Islands, without having to lose a page in your passport. Pull up a chair at the new Santorini Greek Restaurant Bali, order a glass of chilled white and stare out over the stunning cliffside views. Ok, so its a wall mural.. but we promise you, after a couple of vinos you’d swear you were really there. If the interior design and seaside breezes weren’t enough to convince you, the food surely will.

You know the drill when it comes to greek cuisine – olives, feta, thinly shaved melt-in-your-mouth meats.. and the Greece-native family behind Santorini Greek Restaurant have got this thing down pat. They’ll have you scoffing down saganaki, ripping & dipping fresh pita, eating your weight in mousaka and jigging to Zorba’s dance with a belly full of baklava. Good times guaranteed! Opa!

With a menu full of all your Greek food faves.. do not, we repeat DO NOT, attempt a visit to Santorini Greek Restaurant in your skinny jeans. From the flaky filo pastry “tiropita” parcels, the hearty “pastitsio” baked pasta, the healthier “fakes” lentil soup, or the hefty hot chip-stuffed souvlaki, it’s going to be a meal worth smashing plates over.

Speaking of souvlaki, Santorini is open til late in the evening, dishing up these bad boys for your post-party feed. The greek equivalent to your burger and fries pit stop, a souvlaki is a fast and filling pita pocket spilling open with juicy meats fresh from the spit, crunchy chips, chopped tomatoes, onion and creamy tzatziki. Finger-licking goodness.

Find Santorini Greek Restaurant Bali on Jl Batu Mejan, on the left hand side as you head towards Echo Beach, roughly opposite the entry to La Brise. A tiny hole-in-the-wall hideaway, blink & you’ll miss it! (Really though, don’t miss it! Major food FOMO guaranteed if you do!)


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