Oh hello there, eco-conscious yogi traveler!

Let us introduce you to our good friend, Serenity. Serenity is your go-to for all things eco-friendly. The buildings are locally sourced wood and bamboo, all waste is thoroughly recycled and composted, the kitchen serves only organic food free of MSG and the love for the environment is palpable in every single little detail.

It is also your Gu go-to for all of your yoga needs. With yoga classes ranging from Mysore style Ashtanga, to your regular Vinyasas and Hathas, through to the exciting Fly High and Acro varieties. The wide range of classes offered provides a little something for all level of yogis and yogi-wannabes 🙂

Serenity has recently also launched monthly yoga retreats, offering you a wholesome range of surf and other fun activities as you immerse yourself into daily yoga practice. Check out the website for further information regarding the retreat.

On top of the yoga classes, Serenity is an eco guesthouse, with shared hostel rooms and single or double AC rooms. The Alkaline cafe serves the freshest organic food, with a lot of their herbs and fruits produced in the Serenity gardens. Whether it is an intensive workout you’re looking for, a quiet spot for meditation, an eco-friendly lodging option or just a healthy smoothie before hitting the beach, make sure you check out Serenity Eco Guesthouse & Yoga!

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