Ok bro… drop whatever you’re doing and get yourself a ride to Sista Canggu – Canggu’s hottest Chinese French fusion kitchen ASAP.

Ok, so Sista is really more modern Shangai fare, with a hint of French influence in all the right places – yes, we’re talking about their cheese platter served with five types of cheeses and honeycomb (yummm) as well as the passionfruit meringue pie… Oui monsieur, we’ll have them both with a glass of French sauv blanc, merci! However, the real pièce de résistance is the full menu of delicious dumplings and healthy steamed dishes. If you’re anything like us and have literal wet dreams about dim sum, you’ll wanna get on the first GOJEK to Jl. Raya Semat. But we’re warning you in advance: be prepared to roll out with a belly fuller than their BBQ pork belly bao and a borderline unhealthy obsession with Sista’s dumplings.

Chinese French Fusion… Wait a second, why does that sound familiar? Cause it damn well should! Bro Resto, the older brother to Sista Canggu, has long been a favourite of ours on the Batu Bolong food strip and we could not be more excited to welcome this younger offspring that the French-Chinese power couple have managed to procreate to the Berawa food scene.

You’ll have trouble choosing between the Pork & Turnip Mandu and the Beef & Celery Potstickers (both different varieties of dumpling, despite the foreign-sounding names), though the Silky Chicken Wonton in Chilli Oil is actually the way to go. Or wait, no… Ordering all of them to share is the actual way to go. Add a serving of the Steamed Barramundi – served on a bed of broccoli, honey ubi and vermicelli – this had us scraping the steamer for every last bit of tender fish.

Sista is one of our favourite family-friendly new venues with a kid-friend yard out the back and a slide to keep them entertained as you enjoy the steamed squid and a glass (or three) of the imported Rosé. And while the little ones are playing and their parents are taking some much-deserved adult time, the rest of us are guaranteed to be taking advantage of the ‘Grammable backdrops that Sista has to offer – We’re talking about all the Insta-friendly murals, the colourful illustrations by Nancy Chalmers (we LOVE!) and the rest of the easy-breezy island style interior that we are now officially obsessed with.

If you aren’t feeling a little rounder than when you first set foot in Sista, you must have forgotten to order the Purple Power smoothie – served in a fishbowl much like the jungle juices we’ve all enjoyed in our Kuta days (No? Just me?), the size of this fresh smoothie makes it more of an entire breakfast meal rather than something to wash your lunch down with. Note to self: remember that for next time.

Speaking of next time.. Sista has just launched their dumpling deli and while we can only cram so many dumplings into our bellies in one sitting, we absolutely LOVE the fact that we can grab frozen dim sum to go and have our own little feast at home.

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner – With an expansive rice field view in the back and a breezy seated area with sofas, you’ll be sure to see us lounging around in between seconds and thirds of steamed dim sum goodness. P.S. Sista has also just launched Kombucha shaved ice and, in this insane heat, if that isn’t genius we don’t know what is. Get it crew!

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