Bone tired of the same old Bali boutiques? Round up your skeleton crew and scoot up Batu Bolong for a shopping experience unlike any other. Skull Bali is an emporium of skullspiration, with shelves and racks stacked with thousands of quirky cranial creations. Absolutely everything in-store is infused with a skull motif, be it a sequined skull embroidered onto a custom jacket, a skull cut-out on the back of a soft cotton tee, or a skull symbol emblazoned across a Bali sarong.. you get the idea.

Founded in mid 2013 by renown artist Rhett Hutchence and his fashionista partner Vera Ribeiro, Skull Bali has become one of the islands most iconic shopping destinations over the years. Attracting the diehard skull obsessed, through to the first timers – Skull Bali truly has something for everyone. Dip your toe in with a super cute matte pink resin skull to adorn your desk, tap into your inner badass with a skull embellished singlet, or go the whole hog and decorate your home space with all-skull-everything interiors. There’s even a day of the dead inspired baby clothing line, for the rebel mini in your life. Cute but creepy but cute!

Though the use of skulls in art is nothing new (in fact bone carving is an ancient tradition native to Bali), you’re unlikely to have laid your eyes on anything like the works you’ll find at Skull Bali. Rhett’s impressive collection of skull art has been exhibited across the globe, each piece a one of a kind. Produced in stone, wood, bone, shell, metal, coral, mirror, wax, horn, paper and resin, they make truly unique homewares and holiday keepsakes. A skull made entirely of coloured pencils? It’s a yes from us!

If you’re in the market for something different for your next Canggu shopping expedition, use your head and stop into Skull Bali.

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9.00am - 8.30pm


9.00am - 8.30pm


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9.00am - 8.30pm

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