One of the best parts of the foodie scene in Bali? You don’t have to cook it yourself! I mean really, have you ever tried to make Thai food at home? Sourcing the ingredients alone is enough to send you GILA! Never fear fellow Thai Food loving friend.. for Thai & Co is here!

Newly opened in a breezy space tucked away just off Batu Bolong, Thai & Co are whipping up the tastiest, freshest, most authentic & best priced Thai (and Asian street food) this side of the shortcut. OK, well whipping up most of it, anyway. Get hands-on and create your own DIY Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls. Whether you like yours light on the spice, or screaming hot – you’re in the hot seat. Your very own roll making kit comes complete with instructions! Get dirty amongst a tasty fare of fried fish cakes, prawn, sliced papaya, carrot, daikon & herbs with nuoc cham sauce. It’s interactive, its gimmicky and we’re all about it. Stuff them as big or as little as you like, and feel a sweet little sense of accomplishment as you bite into your custom rice paper creation. Well done you.

The crunchy fresh veg, the tangy dipping sauces, the flavoursome coconut curries, the rice noodle salads.. It’s absolutely no wonder that Thai cuisine is everyone’s favourite. Wrap your life around the fragrant ‘Gaeng Kiew’ red curry – a thick central Thailand curry with chicken & kefir lime leaves. Soak up that sauce with a side of red rice and you’re sure to love this spicy little number! Comin’ in HOT..

A Thai eatery just wouldn’t be complete without pad thai. And how did this one fare? Served in a carefully crafted egg net, this dish of rice noodle goodness is loaded with all the trimmings. Tender pieces of chicken & tofu, fresh herbs, peanuts, beansprouts and an epic tamarind sauce. A squeeze of lime and away you go to your happy place. It’s a big call, but we’re going to go ahead and say it’s one of the best we’ve had in Bali.. There, we said it. Now you’ll jsut have to try and let us know if you agree.

Now onto the Papaya Salad. DAMN! You’ll definitely win friends with this one. A simple mix of spicy green papaya with dried shrimp, chilli & lime dressing. Zesty, delicious & the perfect solution to balancing out that big ole’ bowl of delicious pad thai you just devoured.

Thai & Co’s farm-to-plate concept means that a) The food is house made from scratch, and b) It’s whipped up using locally sourced organic ingredients – from the paté to the ham & house pickles. ALL the taste, without the hidden nasties. Can we get a hell yeah?!? It’s healthy, its damn tasty, and its top of our list for lunch to dinner asian street eats.

From classic Thai dishes, to Vietnamese rice paper rolls, Banh Mi to wontons.. these guys can go right ahead and take a bao (bun) – they’ve absolutely nailed it. When the Asian Street Food cravings hit, hit this fresh AF new Canggu eatery. Kop-Khun-CAN’T-EVEN!


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