So much more than just another old clothing store, The Bleach Room is a collective art space. A part-gallery, part-fashion emporium showcasing Canggu’s most unique and inspired lifestyle wares. The concept is essentially a space for local & international creatives to showcase their designs. With regularly rotating art work and new creations coming in on the regs, a trip to The Bleach Room is a guaranteed unoridnary experience.

Let’s back up a bit for a sec and talk shopping… The Bleach Room is love child of a few long-term Bali designers, whose hearts and values are in the right place; right here in our island home. The I PROMISE collection is a symbolic vow to respect and honour the land and people of Bali, while proceeds from the Lombok t-shirts are donated directly to the victims of the earthquake that rocked and wrecked much of our neighbouring island in TwentyEighteen. If you’re on the market for basic tees, pretty sick jackets, animal prints and all denim everything, grab a stack of rupiahs and head on over to The Bleach Room. Additionally you’ll find masculine jewellery, funky sunnies, a quirky stack of coffee table books, scented candles (which smell like actual heaven!) and soft leather slip-ons that are like little hugs for your feet (yes please!). Oh, and leather trousers. Yes, if you’re on the market for leather trousers, The Bleach Room is where it’s at.

The moment you enter the cool air inside the space, your eyes will no doubt be drawn to the huge canvases painted by a local artist, decorating the opposite wall. You’ll find artwork dotted all around the shop – hand-painted surfboards with matching accompanying paintings leaning against one corner and decorational mirrors against another. Everything is for sale though, and new stuff is brought in constantly, so better make this a weekly shopping destination!

Tired of the same-same? See you at The Bleach Room, Canggu! Find Bleach Room mid way down the Tamora Gallery strip, right by the playground.

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