Forget what you think you know about sushi, and prepare to be reintroduced at the TYGR Sushi Bar, Berawa. The perfect venue for a first date or for a fun dinner out with friends. Take a seat up at the hand roll bar or book yourselves a comfy banquet table.

TYGR Sushi is a fast food concept, imported fresh from the hip eateries of California, where hand rolls are prepared before you on a per-order basis, using small batch and still-slightly-warm vinegared rice, fresh fillings and still-dry nori sheets. The result? Dinner within four minutes of sitting at your chair, a crispy bite-sized mouthgasm which will leave your mind: totally blown.

Take a seat, grab a pencil, and tick off your order sheet. Stuff your hand roll with your choice of tuna, snapper, salmon, spicy shrimp (favourite), spicy tofu, or the Canggu-hipster-pleasing jackfruit. Grab a few hand rolls, but leave room for bowls, sashimi and “hot stuff” section, which includes a fantastic Katsu Curry. Special shoutout to the salmon sashimi, the tuna poke bowl, the agedashi tofu, and the life-changing Karaage fried chicken. That is heaps between two, but don’t be afraid to order a sneaky little vegan chocolate mochi wrapped ice cream to seal the deal! While you’re at it, order an ice cold draft beer served in a frozen mug or one of our favorite cocktails the Wild TYGR made with chili infused vodka, citrus & muddled strawberries with pineapple, delicious!

Find TYGR along Jl Pantai Berawa, just before Cinta Cafe. Currently open for a sit-in lunch & dinner, a sneaky takeaway box, or if you are looking for a night in you can find them on Go-Jek!

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11.00am - 11.00pm


11.00am - 11.00pm


11.00am - 11.00pm


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11.00am - 11.00pm

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