Line up your lippies and dust the Bali grit off your best shoes, ladies. The Gu’s got a new haunt for wining and dining. We’re ready to see if our freshly Googled knowledge of tannins sounds as natural as the wines it’s describing.

If you’ve been en-scoot down Jl. Pantai Berawa recently, you may have noticed a fairly suave looking build coming to life. That, our friends, is UNI (pronounced oo-ni) and it’s the neighbourhood’s newest date night destination.

Uni defines itself as serving a modern seafood cuisine, inspired by French and Japanese methods. But we define it as an optical experience, inspired by comfort and class and someone with a good nostril for the grape. The first thing you’ll notice when you walk in is the décor. The artwork is sta-unning. The main eye catcher is a tactile remix of the famous Japanese wave painting, somehow made even more evocative with fluro graffiti drizzled over the top. We found out that the artist commissioned used a colour blue so rare, it could only be purchased from one art shop in all of Paris. The brief was to “paint something that clashed” with the otherwise contemporary and clean-cut architecture of the room. It’s not often we see the good kind of collision in Canggu, but this was a pleasure for our eyes.

The table settings match the same bold and charismatic sentiment. Each table features an alive-looking rock-salt keeper and glazed ceramic crockery – the likes of which we haven’t licked clean before. Uni’s unique layout gives way to an open kitchen with a bar top option (think sushi train, minus the train) and table seating for small to medium sized groups. The attention to detail in the space is next level.

As you walk in past the terrace, to your right you’ll see a cute little cocktail number, perfect for pre-meal vino or blended bev. Gin is this place’s specialty with its own dedicated shelf, and all the top picks in attendance.

The wine list is almost entirely imported and all natural – not a single drop disappointed us. Until these guys opened their doors, you might have been right when you cried, “but good wine in Bali is so expensive!” Now all your sweet syrupy Savy B cravings have been covered, and you won’t need to re-mortgage for it. The average glass of wine will set you back around 120k per glass. Oh, and while we’re there, the glassware? Let’s just say it’s nice to sip out of something that doesn’t feel like putting a window in your mouth. Those tiny details, huh.

We were lucky enough to be treated to a predominantly seafood spread when we dipped in for a review. The food was presented without fault, from the cute sashimi cones to start, to the heavens-to-betsy pannacotta with fermented honey and bee pollen to finish. In between we tried the snapper carpaccio with local herbs, the crab lasagne with a ginger emulsion, and the chunky seared hamachi with seaweed salad. Each dish could be shared, including the mains, and nothing was too overbearing.

It’s worth noting that the chef at the helm of Uni’s kitchen knows his way around how to impress foodies in Bali. He’s manned the pans at several other places you’ve left satisfied, including Italian fav Da Maria and Mexican must-go Mexicola.

Uni is an exciting evolution of the dining game in Canggu. It’s a place you’d take a red-hot date, a place you’d catch up with the girls, a place you’d bring a family member for their birthday, and most importantly, a place you can go to get well looked after. And who doesn’t love that? Even just a little.

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