Now, for us long-term Bali folk, Utama Spice is no new acquaintance – Bali’s very own skincare brand has been a household name for almost 30 years – started in Ubud in 1989 by Melanie Templar and Dayu Suci. The two saw a desperate need to retain Bali’s waning knowledge of herbal traditions and remedies, and set out to create products made using the ancient knowledge of the Balinese people. The company has since grown to be Indonesia’s leading all-natural skincare producer.

While Utama Spice products have long been available in the Gu at select retailers, Ubud and Sanur have been the lucky towns with their very own shops stocking the full range of products. We’ve gotten used to stocking up on the 1L Begonebug Spray (#protip: BEST natural mozzie spray especially for the bubs!) on our trip to the mountains, but we now have one more reason to not head to the ‘Bud anymore: Utama Spice has finally opened up in our hood!

Having just opened up in the complex opposite Savage Kitchen, Utama Spice NEEDS to be on your Canggu shopping repertoire. Whether you’re looking for a detox in your beauty routines or simply trying to find souvenirs that are a lot less Bintang singlet-y and more high quality – Utama Spice is where it’s at.

Utama Spice may be known as a skincare brand, though the range of products is far more versatile. We absolutely love the Cocoa Love Nut Butter (by far our fave nut butter everrr!) and the Clay Mask has been one of our best kept secrets in keeping our pores traffic gunk-free. The Mint Crush Coconut Lotion smells like a slice of tropical heaven while the Organic Argan Oil Face Serum keeps us looking way below our actual years (well, that or makeup filters on Instagram…). The skincare range is everything we’d ever want in a skincare range, all-natural, free of toxic chemicals and harmful synthetic substances, and totally affordable! A 230ml bottle of Witch Hazel for 170k? Yes please! Acne Facial Wash for 88k and an accompanying Acne Corrector for 110k? Sign us up!

While the skincare range is all sorts of #goals, we love the rest of the range as well. The Begonebug Spray deserves another shoutout especially during “Dengue season” and Bali’s best selection of all-natural essential oils will keep your chakras aligned. In fact, the essential oils are one the highlights of the Utama spice experience – all the oils are created using local ingredients where possible and the selection is seemingly endless: choose from the classics like tangerine, lemongrass or mint, or read up on the aromatherapeutic benefits of lavender paired with cubeb.

Speaking of pairing scents: why not hit up the DIY station for a little all-natural fun for everyone! Create your own favourite lip balm flavour, go crazy on the body mist scents, mix up a body scrub to suit your mood or whip up a body oil with all your favourite essential oils. Whether your nasal palette is particularly delicate, or you’re trying to fill a Bali holiday itinerary with more than just happy hour beers at old mans, mixing your favourite Bali scents to take home is a cute way to hide from the midday sun!

With a range of all-natch household soaps rounding out the Utama Spice collection, there’s never been a better place to get your Canggu hipster on, and heal your life the way nature intended. Ommm!

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